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ICMS Ceremony One of Northern Beaches Council Mayors First Engagements

ICMS Ceremony One of Northern Beaches Council Mayors First Engagements

November 3, 2017

Newly appointed northern beaches council mayor michael regan was a guest speaker at the recent international college of management, sydney (icms) scholarship and dean’s list awards ceremony.

Regan, who awarded the 15th Northern Beaches Council Scholarship to ICMS student Lois Seo, remarked on the excellent calibre of ICMS students and admired the grit and determination showed by scholarship winners and those on the Dean’s List.

He also drew parallels between ICMS’ vision to be the best career-focused education provider in Australia, and what he hoped to achieve in his term of office. Regan was elected as Mayor of Northern Beaches Council less than a month ago.

“This is an exceptional vision and one that I have for my new council; that it will be the best organisation on the planet.”

In this ceremony, 13 scholarships were awarded, bringing the total amount of scholarships worth over $1m in 2017 being awarded through the ICMS Scholarship Fund. Corporate Partners include ANZ Bank, Accor Hotels, HOSTPLUS, New South Wales Rugby League, Northern Beaches Council, South Cares Rugby League Club, B&W Waiters and Front Row Group.

“It’s important that we provide scholarships and opportunities like this (to ICMS students) because we can say confidently to all sponsors in the future that this is an amazing product and an amazing educator,” Regan said.

“ICMS has produced so many talented individuals within our organisation and this is something that we want to continue and expand on. As this organisation grows we want to help partner with it and grow with it as well, get behind it and support it.”

Regan added that a previous Northern Beach Scholarship winner, ICMS alumni Jessica Good, is now one of “the best staffers” at the council.

“I hope to have a long partner association with ICMS, and expand our partnership, because this place has got a great vision and its one that we at the Northern Beaches Council share.”

Bachelor of event management student Lauren Dwyer, winner of the Northern Beaches Council Scholarship in September 2016, explained how her internship at Northern Beaches Council had been an amazing opportunity for growth both personally and professionally.

“I’ve grown in confidence within myself but also within my career. I now definitely know that a career in events is what I want to pursue,” she said. “I’ve gained knowledge of how the events industry works and how the procedures work and, as they say, knowledge is power. ICMS has so many opportunities and so many scholarships and everyone should just go out there and grab them… These opportunities have really helped me with self-confidence, and also with my career path as well.”

“ICMS has awarded over 65 scholarships this year and 48 scholarships to students at the start of 2017. We hope to top that when we begin 2018,” Ann Whitelock, Chair of ICMS Professional and Corporate Scholarship fund, said. “We hope students hear Lauren’s message and have a go.”

For more information on the many scholarships that ICMS offers, click here:


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