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ICMS Graduate Making Strides in Hotel Industry

ICMS Graduate Making Strides in Hotel Industry

December 19, 2017

Industry experience and connections as part of her degree proved the winning formula in preparing ICMS graduate and double scholarship winner Dale Tresidder for career success.

Dale tresidder, australia

Bachelor of business management, 2014

Winner of both the tourast corporation graduate scholarship and

Manly council events scholarship

Business development manager, federal group: macq 01 hotel, saffire freycinet and the henry jones art hotel

Q: You Received Two Scholarships – The Tourast Corporation Graduate Scholarship And
Manly Council Events Scholarship. What Made You Apply For These, And What Benefits Did You Receive Having Won Them?

I applied for the Manly Council Events Scholarship when it was first announced for the opportunity to work within the Manly Council Events Team. The experience of working with that team full time over a very busy few months was invaluable and opened many doors within the industry, it also offered real experience putting together small and large events with many stakeholders present.

Applying for the Tourast Corporation Graduate Scholarship was an incredible opportunity to gain a graduate scholarship that used business knowledge to gain a scholarship. This has been an incredible asset in promoting myself and receiving great career opportunities.

Q: What Is Your Current Role?

Business Development Manager, Federal Group: MACq 01 Hotel, Saffire Freycinet and the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

Q: What Career Achievements Are You Especially Proud Of?

Representing our three luxury properties as Business Development Manager has been an achievement I am very proud of and a goal of mine that exceeded my expectations. Working for these properties is a huge honour. Our new property, MACq 01 Hotel, opened in 2017 and is a “storytelling” hotel, connecting guests with the stories of Tasmania underlies everything we do. The Henry Jones Art Hotel is Australia’s first dedicated art hotel and represents a fusion of history and art. Saffire Freycinet is a luxury lodge recognised as the number one luxury hotel in Australia, and it has won the world’s best boutique award.

I began working at the Henry Jones Art Hotel as Event Coordinator and in that time underwent cross training across other departments. Prior to MACq 01 Hotel opening I joined the team as Project Administrator, managing the opening events during our first months of opening, which involved hosting 25 members of Australia’s best media.

Q: How Has Your Icms Degree Contributed To You Achieving Your Professional Goals?

My ICMS degree equipped me with the business skills, presentation and discipline required to succeed. Not only that, however, the relationships with my peers and the lecturers and wealth of knowledge that they brought to each class was invaluable. ICMS prepared me not only academically but professionally, which has been an advantage in succeeding in a very competitive environment.

Q: What Were The Major Contributing Factors To Your Decision To Study At Icms?

The major factors were the industry experience inherent in the degree, combined with the specialised subjects taught by industry-leading professionals. The location in Manly and great student life was definitely a bonus!

Q: What Were Your Highlights During Your Time At Icms?

I was the inaugural recipient of the Manly Council Event Scholarship which was surreal. I was also a Student Ambassador and worked for the college in a few different roles which gave me real business experience and developed my network before I had even graduated.

Other highlights were the relationships I made at ICMS that I have carried into my professional and personal life and which have had a profound impact.

Q: What Would Be Your Advice To Someone Considering Studying At Icms?

Be involved. The opportunities that ICMS offer are a great platform to further develop your skills through everything, from Student Council to being a Student Ambassador.

Q: What Is The Best Thing About Working In Your Industry?

The rewarding experiences and to be able to create something special for guests and our teams.

Q: Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years’ Time?

Business Development Manager for our properties and hopefully a few new additions.


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