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ICMS hosts NRL S2W students, establishes partnership with future potential

ICMS hosts NRL S2W students, establishes partnership with future potential

July 18, 2023

A group of year 11 and 12 students from the NRL School to Work program explored their after school education and pathway options during a tour of the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), on 10 July.

NRL School to Work was established in 2012 and helps bridge the gap between education and employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. Their focus is providing work experience and mentorship for these students to ensure they not only finish school successfully, but also transition into further education, vocational training, or purposeful employment.

“I believe the NRL S2W program is a tremendous program as it provides indigenous youth with access and exposure to further study, meaningful employment and training opportunities whilst ensuring they successfully complete high school,” ICMS Domestic Development Coordinator Kane McQiggin said.

“It is so great to see the program supported and funded by the Australian Federal Government as well as numerous NRL Clubs.”

The students were accompanied by four project officers from the NRL who all represented an area related to a NRL club.

They were:

  • Scott Foreman: Project Officer, Wests Tigers – Campbelltown
  • Kristin Nasio: Panthers Project Officer – Penrith
  • Sean Nevin: Bulldogs and Eels Project Officer
  • Jamal Chami: Cronulla Sharks Project Officer

The students kicked off their morning with an ice breaker activity where the students broke up into groups in order to reveal one unique common connection about the group.

The morning followed with a presentation which provided the students with a high-level summary of the ICMS difference as well as other key information needed along their student journey.

Topics included (in no particular order):

After the presentation concluded the students were given a tour of the campus where they were exposed to areas such as the Pollard Resource Centre, the Student Success Centre, Grand Dining Room, student bar and more. The students returned from their tour and topped off the morning with a morning tea and opportunity to ask questions, apply and enquire to any of our courses.

At the end of the morning, 2 x year 12 students submitted Early Entry Applications and 1 x year 11 student submitted an enquiry.

“Kane did a great job liaising with Scott from NRL School to Work and has created the opportunity to continue working with them in the future,” ICMS Senior Manager (Domestic Development) Jodie Randell said.

“We are looking forward to seeing this grow into a successful partnership.”

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