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ICMS Industry Training – Truly Global

ICMS Industry Training – Truly Global

June 30, 2017

Swedish student Caroline Hallman crossed the globe to study event management at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) and in the process gained far more than just a degree.

“I have learned a lot while also enjoying a ‘college life’ with lots of wonderful classmates from around the world,” Caroline said, adding that living in Sydney and studying in a castle overlooking gorgeous Manly and the ocean was a wonderful experience.

Major attractions to ICMS for Caroline were both the practical aspect of the degrees on offer – with 1200 hours of internship built into her Bachelor of Event Management degree – and the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). Because ICMS welcomes students from all over the world, the college recognises the need to help with the process of applying knowledge and studying in a different language.

“I was a little afraid to move to Australia because of the new language and culture, but luckily ICMS has something called the ‘Academic Learning Centre’. From there I received so much extra help! You find many people there who can help as well.”

Through ICMS, Caroline completed an internship at Ehrenberg Communications back home in Stockholm, and this has inspired her to pursue a career in Marketing and PR after her degree.

She is confident she will succeed in her ambitions thanks to the solid grounding in the industry she has received at ICMS.

“Everything is very practical,” she said of her degree. “We have had many study visits and very professional teachers.”

Caroline encourages other international students to make the leap cross country and cross culture to study at ICMS in Australia.

“Sydney is an amazing city and there is always something new to experience there. In Manly, where ICMS is located and where I lived, it is quite cosy. My friends and I worked in different cafes quite close to each other,” she said.

“In addition to everything ICMS offers – with excellent teachers, interesting subjects and lots of practice – you get a wide network of contacts and get the opportunity to experience a new country and continent.”

ICMS welcomes students from all over the world. For more information on courses and on the benefits of the Academic Learning Centre, click here.


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