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ICMS Ranked 1 in NSW for Postgraduate Teaching Quality

ICMS Ranked 1 in NSW for Postgraduate Teaching Quality

March 30, 2021

Ranked 1, the supportive, expert postgraduate faculty and pracademics have thrust the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) to the top of the NSW QILT rankings for PG Management and Commerce – Good Teaching Scale*.

With a 79.6% score in the Good Teaching Scale category, ICMS is ranked first in NSW and second in Australia in this category of the latest statistics from the national Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2020 Survey**.  The survey gives a general picture of the Australian Higher Education landscape as students from colleges and universities across the country are surveyed. The national average for Good Teaching Scale, PG, was 70.2%.

“As Dean of postgraduate studies at ICMS it is incredibly pleasing to see us placed first on the Good Teaching scale. This is based on data from the government and saw us competing with every tertiary institution in the country offering Management and Commerce postgraduate courses,” ICMS Dean (Postgraduate) Dr Heidi Le Sueur said.

“Whilst pleasing, this was not, however, surprising to me. The reality is we offer some of the best postgraduate qualifications in the country”.

Dr Le Sueur explained that this industry experience is crucial to the career-focused education provider with campuses located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney.

“The industry experience of our lecturers is crucial to our success, as when students come to ICMS to study, what they learn is much more than simply theory. Theory is, of course, important but understanding what is relevant and why is also key. We do this based on real world scenarios that our lecturers bring in the classroom,” Dr Le Sueur said.

“Our vision is to be Australia’s leader in career focussed education, and as such, to see our students’ transition seamlessly from their studies into their chosen professions. First place (in NSW) is a great start, but it is not the end of our aspirations.”

In other postgraduate QILT categories where ICMS excelled were:

* 83.6% were satisfied overall (National average: 81.8%)

* 84.2% were positive about their skills development (National average: 79.5%)

Dr Leonid Petrov, ICMS Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Program Manager, said the fact that the Postgraduate Studies Program did so well even through the challenges of the past year was testament to the “teamwork and commitment of ICMS faculty and all staff, who create a great learning experience for the domestic and international students”.

“In the last seven years, ICMS has been fostering the success of ICMS Postgraduate Studies. Also, the quality of teaching lies in the hands of the ICMS Academic Department that empowers the highly skilled educators to share their theoretical and industry knowledge with talented and motivated students. ICMS lecturers are not only teaching the future captains of business and administration, but also continue to act as mentors for personal success in their professional lives after graduation,” Dr Petrov said.

“The Postgraduate Studies Program at ICMS continued to thrive even in the adverse environment of global pandemic in 2020 with many completing students deciding to take on another Masters’ degree with us to diversify their employability with a new qualification. New students elected to study online from other cities in Australia and overseas, while working in the industry. All of them, nevertheless, are part of the vibrant career-focused community that is centred around the famous “castle on the hill” in Manly.”

Postgraduate Courses

* The Good Teaching Scale assesses the degree to which graduates feel that the teaching staff of their course provided a high level of teaching quality. Specifically, higher scores are achieved when graduates feel they received adequate feedback on their progress, that the course was presented in an interesting and motivating manner and when teaching staff were perceived to make an effort to understand students’ problems and attempt to explain things clearly.

The six items that make up the scale are:

  1. The staff put a lot of time into commenting on my work.
  2. The teaching staff normally gave me helpful feedback on how I was going.
  3. The teaching staff of this course motivated me to do my best work.
  4. My lecturers were extremely good at explaining things.
  5. The staff made a real effort to understand difficulties I might be having with my work.

** For more information on the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2021 Survey, click here:

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