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Real Experience Offers On-Set Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Real Experience Offers On-Set Behind-the-Scenes Insights

June 25, 2021

ICMS believes that incorporating real experience into degrees is a vital way to further enhance professional careers of graduates. By partnering knowledge with practical  experiences students are more likely to engage with the course content taught to them in class.

Bachelor of Event Management students Sonja Tibursky and Jasmine Saba were recently able get real experience working on-set of a television commercial. This insight into behind-the-scenes on a production set gave them great insight into to this exciting sector.

Popular Events Management lecturer Doug Garske is known for providing his students with the best opportunities to create networks and build real life experiences within the dynamic events industry. After being contacted by his friend and television sales person James Cheney , Doug was able to give two of his ICMS students the chance to look behind the scenes of a new TV advertisement for the household appliance company ‘Kleva Range‘.

The students were there for a combined 3 days working to assist staff in;

  • Food styling
  • Set design
  • Food preparation
  • Running props
  • Maintaining the set

“Our role on set was as a production runner, helping in preparing stage food and decorating the set for each different example of what the product could do,” said Jasmine.

“We were preparing all the essentials for the set layout, and all the ideas the director had regarding decoration, we had to make them possible,” said Sonja when asked what her role was throughout the experience.

Through this hands-on real experience students, like Jasmine and Sonja, are able to not only connect it with the content and subjects taught throughout their course but they are also able to identify opportunities and areas of interest within the sector that truely interest them. Students use these real experience to explore the various paths that the business industry has. These real experiences extend also to class excursions to places such as The International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour and to hearing first-hand behind-the-scenes experiences of industry expert guest speakers such Brittany Lamerton, Mark Bouris and Samantha Wills.

“I think there are many opportunities for learning and to gain vital real experience. I believe the best way to learn is to take every opportunity and use it grow your network further,” said Jasmine.

One of the main ways ICMS focuses on students gain real experience is through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement that is integrated into every course. As ICMS’ vision is as ‘Australia’s leader of career-focused education’ and the WIL team play an important role in preparing students for success in their chosen career by facilitating real experience through professional placements of two trimesters for undergraduate and postgraduate students. ICMS has partnered with over 1000 industry partners to ensure students have the best opportunities as possible.

Some of partners in which ICMS students are able to gain real experience include:

About Bachelor of Events Management

Event management is a growing global industry with a broad range of employment opportunities across different industries. This is the ideal career for you if you are organised, sociable and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project through to competition.

The Bachelor of Event Management will equip you with the skills to rise to the top of this diverse and dynamic sector. Designed to position students for success in the exciting events industry, this is a qualification which could to take you anywhere in the world.

Subjects focus on core business skills with the addition of specialised event management subjects. Business subjects include sales and marketing; agile leadership, collaboration and managing people; strategic planning and innovative problem solving; and financial literacy. In your specialisation subjects you will be exposed to creative events that stand out from the rest and will have an opportunity to explore various event ideas and translate them into your own creative event concepts and designs.