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Industry Training Snapshot: Nicholas Cook

Industry Training Snapshot: Nicholas Cook

March 3, 2016

Bachelor of Business Management student Nicholas Cook completed his industry training placement in a sales/customer service intern role at Bosch Security Systems. His contribution was so valued that he was asked to stay on in a casual capacity after his internship finished.

Nicholas says his day-to-day duties included everything from working on business development projects for customer service, marketing and operations departments to customer service tasks such as returns and warranty claims, order entry and administrative tasks.

“During my time at Bosch I learnt many things including how to work in an office environment and how an international company works,” Nicholas said. “I have now found a new interest in product marketing and management due to exposure while on the job.”

This experience has helped to clarify where Nicholas wants to take his career. “My ideal job for the immediate future would be a product management assistant position, which would then lead into product management. In five years’ time, I can see myself working in product management specialising in consumer electronics,” he concludes.

What ICMS industry training partners think

According to Bev Whittles from Bosch Security Systems, the skills and attitudes of ICMS students are outstanding.

“I have tried students from other universities and they do not seem to be as mature or have the same enthusiasm for work as ICMS students. Other students just don’t seem to be as prepared to grab opportunities and go with it, you can see that this is all part of the course/training,” said Ms Whittles.

ICMS students have filled finance, customer service and product management roles at Bosch. “ICMS students have an enthusiasm to learn and a great ability to come to grips with systems and sort problems out,” said Ms Whittles. “Their attendance is really good, they are punctual and professional,” Ms Whittles added.


Who: Nicholas Cook

Where: Bosch Security Systems

When: May 2014 to January 2015


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