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Exciting Opportunities for International Students Wanting to Return to Australia

Exciting Opportunities for International Students Wanting to Return to Australia

January 23, 2022

International students urged to return to Australia, visa rebates offered, jobs waiting.

Australia has thrown open the borders to international students wanting to return to the country since borders have reopened by offering to refund the visa costs associated with returning.

This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who declared that international student visas will be refunded under a visa rebate program over the next two months.

In addition, Temporary Graduate visa holders who have been unable to travel to Australia will be able to apply for a replacement visa, while the length of stay on the visa for masters by coursework graduates will extend from two to three years. This gives international students who return to Australia more opportunities to gain valuable work experience in Australia after they have completed their studies.

“My message to (international students and backpackers) is ‘Come on down. Come on down now,'” Morrison said at a press conference recently.

A jobs shortage due to Covid-19 isolation protocols means that international students with certain skillsets, particularly in the hospitality and events industry, are in demand to keep the Australian economy going.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) welcomes this move to bring international students who return to Australia back to the higher education institute’s campuses located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney.

Under the details of the visa rebate program, the $630 fee for international students will be covered for the next eight weeks, and for backpackers for 12 weeks.

““International students have been through a challenging time with Covid, and we appreciate this initiative to make students aware that they are welcome in the country,” Courtney-O’Connor said.

“While we appreciate the efforts to keep Australia safe during the global Covid-19 pandemic, likewise any initiative by the government to give back to our international students and to make Australia a study destination is appreciated by ICMS. This, in turn, helps our community get back on its feet after a long period of time where Covid has hampered economic growth.”

International students fulfil a vital role in the Australian economy, currently beset by a critical job shortage currently as employees are isolating or ill and unable to work.

In addition to the visa rebate program, the 40-hour-a-fortnight working restriction on visa holders has been lifted.

ICMS international student Duc Anh, from Vietnam, arrived in Australia to study at ICMS a month ago and has already secured a job at Hyatt Regency.

“As a Hospitality student, this means a lot to me. It is not only a chance to make a living but also an opportunity to explore and gain my experience and broaden my knowledge in this industry,” Anh said.

In an earlier statement, Member for Manly, James Griffin, welcomed the return of international students to the Northern Beaches.

“We recognise the value these students bring to our community, and look forward to working together to ensure the safe return of the rest of the ICMS international student body,” Griffin said.

*Returning International Students will need to fulfil Australian vaccination requirements and quarantine regulations, which are fluid. ICMS students are urged to contact ICMS agents for the latest news in this regard.

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