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Maximize your GPA: 5 x Dean’s List student shares her Top 5 study strategies

Maximize your GPA: 5 x Dean’s List student shares her Top 5 study strategies

March 30, 2023

ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management Olivia Turner has made the prestigious ICMS Dean’s List for academic excellence five times over the course of her degree.

With an average mark of 88% and a GPA average of 4.9/5, she was honoured for the fifth time out of seven trimesters at the ICMS Dean’s List Ceremony.

How does she achieve such consistently excellent results?

Here are Olivia’s top 5 tips to maximising your GPA and getting on the Dean’s List:

1. Focus

Find your strengths and use those to put 110% into every class.

2. Fix

Find your weaknesses and take advantage of the support opportunities ICMS offers like the Student Success Centre, PALS, and your lecturers to help strengthen these.

Your lecturers love questions – all you have to do is reach out!

3. Take the lead

Overcome tricky group dynamics when working together on tasks through active leadership.

Motivate your group, communicate with them, help delegate tasks and roles, build each other up and encourage. Everyone will work harder and have fun in the process.

4. Get organised 

Organise your time so that you have the ability to focus and put your all into each subject.

Create an assessment calendar at the start of each trimester so you can line it up with your life outside of college and ensure you have a balance of study, work, and fun.

Finding that balance allows you to put that extra effort in.

5. Get Perspective

Rather than looking at study as something you HAVE to do, change your perspective, and look at it as something you GET to do.

It’s a time to learn new skills and information, engage in new experiences, meet new people, and overcome challenges in a supportive environment.

It’s an opportunity to shine, grow and develop.

That one shift in perspective can be what allows you to put that extra mile into your work and land you on the Dean’s List, opening the doors to opportunities you couldn’t imagine, while also providing you that warm feeling of achievement that is indescribable.

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