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Meet the Lecturer: John Powrie

Meet the Lecturer: John Powrie

September 3, 2015

How long have you been working at ICMS and what is your role?

This is my sixth year and I’m the Chair of Academic Appeals and the Academic Program Coordinator for Property and Sports Management. I also teach property and business subjects.

How do you go about keeping up to date with industry trends?

I am still working in the building industry through my own company. I read trade magazines and follow any property related news such as construction industry reports.

Outside of ICMS, what do you do?

I have a builder’s licence and my own company and I take on the occasional project. I’m currently finishing up a deck and extension in Naremburn. There have been many rain delays on this one. I also teach ‘Intro to the Mac’ at the Mosman Community College.

What projects are you working on?

Apart from the building project mentioned before, I am organising the ICMS Property/Hospitality Management tour to the Middle East this September. This is on the back of the extremely successful Property tour to Hong Kong and Shanghai last July.

What is your favourite aspect about teaching students?

It’s hard to pin it down to one thing. I still like it when a student ‘gets it’ after I have explained something. I am also still surprised when students quote something I’ve said previously.

How do you build positive rapport with your students?

Rapport comes with trust, honesty and respect. They know I am really there to help them. I was a terrible student one time ago and I can identify with the student perspective. I do not try to pretend I’m perfect, and that honesty makes me believable and trustworthy. You would really have to ask students though.

What is your advice for the most effective techniques students can use to get the best results in group assignments?

Group work is a kind of necessary evil. It is a useful skill, which is too often not well managed. The most important thing is to set the group ground rules (standards, content, direction, meeting times). Then make sure the group sticks to them. Solve any problems as early as possible and don’t let things slip then complain later. Later is too late.

What are your top tips for students applying for jobs?

  1. Demonstrate a passion for the whole industry, whatever that industry is. Like most relationships, if you don’t give the love you won’t get it back.
  2. Be keen to work in any area of the industry, don’t limit yourself to a small niche.
  3. Make contacts in your chosen industry at every opportunity. Go to industry functions and network. When doing an assessment task, make contact with an industry rep for advice.


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