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Michigan State University Student at ICMS

Michigan State University Student at ICMS

April 3, 2017

Specified Business degrees and Manly’s stunning location are just a couple of the reasons so many students decide to study abroad at ICMS. Lauren, is one of many exchange students that came from Michigan State University to study Hospitality Management. Studying Hospitality Management became Laurens focus because she desires to work with people and truly loves the idea of “creating experiences for others”.

When asked what inspired her to study overseas at ICMS, her first response was that she had always wanted to travel to Australia. Lauren had never travelled out of the United States before and some of the things that attracted her to studying in this country is the beaches and adventure availability. She explained her decision was solidified when she learned about the strong Hospitality Management Program that ICMS offered, and how well it fit with her home school’s curriculum.

Since studying abroad at ICMS, Lauren has found her favorite thing to be her professors, “They are phenomenal, it has only been four weeks and I have learned so much.” For example, her Entrepreneurship course (ENT 210) has inspired her and given her the confidence to continue to pursue her own dreams and ideas.

In addition to the exceptional staff in the Hospitality Department, she has thoroughly enjoyed the class size in comparison to her home school. “The smaller classes allow for a lot more one-on-one discussion which I find extremely helpful in the material we are learning” she explains.

While Lauren has been in Australia, ICMS has already begun to influence her aspirations, as it has for many students from all over the world. After completing her degree, Lauren shared that she now wants to continue to travel and have an exciting career, most likely working with events. However, for now she is enjoying studying in Australia, being close to the beach, and her first overseas experience overall.


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