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Miko’s Rising Star

Miko’s Rising Star

November 4, 2016

ICMS graduate Tang Suet Ying (Miko) talks about how her well-rounded education has given her all the tools she’s needed to adapt and grow in her career.

Born in Hong Kong, Tang Suet Ying (Miko) studied a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Hospitality Management at ICMS, Australia. She graduated in 2010 and had been working in the events industry ever since. However, her latest move is into the financial services sector, where she’s picked up a role as an Assistant Manager at international company KPMG in Hong Kong, thanks to her well-rounded education.

“I am very lucky that I have gained some working experience while I studied my bachelor and master in Sydney,” reflects Miko. “Through this experience, I gained exposure to working with people from different parts of the world and I became more flexible and adaptable at work.”

Miko is especially proud of the experience she’s gained working in events-related roles at four different companies over four years. “I have organised numerous events, seminars and workshops, cocktails, corporate dinners and more. When I moved to the current company I’m working with, I had the chance to organise its internal annual dinner with more than 2,000 employees,” she shares. “This was supposed to be co-ordinated by another colleague, yet, I was offered the opportunity to organise it. This surprised me as I had no experience with such a huge scale event and it was only my second month with this company. I said yes without hesitation and did my best. I am grateful to have had this chance, which has been critical in my career,” she adds.

Miko says this was a definite career milestone and she has received positive recognition from management and colleagues after the event. “And as the current firm provides a platform for employees to move within, I decided to take on a new challenge and move to another department, which is a new field for me. The achievement of organising the annual dinner successfully helped me a lot in applying for the new role,” she says.

“Industry training and practical classes acted as platforms for students to apply what we learnt from classes in life and find out what works and what does … This contributed to my career success.”

When reflecting on how her ICMS degree has contributed to achieving professional goals Miko says, “It was really a wonderful experience at ICMS. Firstly, the subjects I studied were useful and the professors are of high standard. I could relate to most of them in real life and in my career.

“Secondly, the diverse culture at ICMS was an advantage. Although the school is not huge, this created a suitable environment for students to develop close and intimate relationships with each other, learn to be considerate and be exposed to different cultures.

“Last but not least, the industry training and practical classes acted as platforms for students to apply what we learnt from classes in life and find out what works and what does not while we were still studying. This largely contributed to my career success as we gained experience in dealing with people and problem solving, prior to our graduation,” she says.

Miko says her most memorable part of her experience at ICMS is the professors and friends she made. “If I did not choose to study at ICMS, I would not make so many friends from different cultures. If I didn’t choose to study at ICMS, I would not have learnt so much from the high quality professors. With their patience and professionalism, I learnt to have fun and do my best in every attempt,” she says,

She found that having a positive attitude has been key to her success. “In the same classroom, a student can learn nothing while another person learns and discovers that one thing which helps the world. Therefore, being passionate, willing to learn and do your best at all times are far more important than only having good results but being unable to apply this in real life.”

Relationships is also integral to success, says Miko. “Be proactive and develop relationship with others. Networking is more valuable than anything. There are so many students from different countries and backgrounds, you never know where opportunities will come from. Be humble and giving,” she adds.

In the next five years, Miko sees herself being manager in her field. “I will have my own side business and will be able to give more back to the world,” she concludes.


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