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Regional Student excels at Luxury French Fashion Brand Dior

Regional Student excels at Luxury French Fashion Brand Dior

May 14, 2022

Regional Student ICMS’ own ‘Miss Dior’

From meeting The Devil Wears Prada actor Simon Baker to chatting to models at a Marie Claire fashion shoot, International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) student Julie Williams is having the time of her life during her internship at luxury French Fashion label, Dior.

Originally from Melbourne, Williams moved to Sydney to study at the ICMS Main Campus in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, specifically because of the industry leading ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Branding) degree.

As a fashion student with aspirations to develop her own high-end fashion brand, securing an industry placement at Christian Dior Couture as a Marketing and Public Relations Intern is gold for Julie’s resume.

Now in her second year, Julie is also the current ICMS SRC President.

Watch Julie’s interview of how she landed  her dream fashion internship at Dior: 


ICMS providing theoretical and practical experience for the fashion industry

In addition to the Dior internship, like other ICMS fashion students Julie attends photoshoots, meets celebrities and takes part in the ICMS Fashion Week as well as a range of other activities designed to immerse fashion students in the fashion and global branding industry.

While these activities alongside formal academia may be exciting and interesting, they also form an important role in Julie’s future ambitions and aspirations in the fashion industry.

“These photoshoots and meeting celebrities are providing me with the ability to network with people that are in this industry… so when it gets to that point when I want to open my own luxury brand I have the connections ready to start that,” Julie Williams said.

“This internship provides me with the ability to add experience on to my resume that other students wouldn’t have had. On my first day at Dior I got to do a fitting with Simon Baker (who acted in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep).

It was an incredible opportunity to meet him and work with his team for the day. Having this internship on my CV gives me an advantage to get in there quicker and sooner because I have more experience than other candidates and I also have a degree on my side.”

ICMS’s DIOR ties

Another ICMS-Dior link comes in the form of House of Dior Boutique Director Christopher Watney. Christopher oversees one of the largest Dior Boutiques in the world and is also the current ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) brand ambassador.

With 20 years in the industry, Watney is at the top of his game, managing a team of over 100 people based in the London-based boutique.

“I have enjoyed every single minute of my time with Dior. I absolutely adore the brand, its heritage and modernity, I feel complete empowerment to run my business the way I see fit and have received two promotions in my time with them,” Watney said.

“It’s wonderful to see Fashion and Global Brand Management getting the recognition of a degree,” he said. “What I like about this particular degree is that it blends business and high-end fashion into one degree; the perfect degree for future industry leaders to undertake.”

ICMS is big enough to connect you, small enough to connect with you

According to Julie Williams, the blend of business and fashion is exactly what attracted Julie to the degree, and the industry training at Dior and behind-the-scenes perspective she gets into the fashion industry as part of her degree is putting her on the path to professional success.

The internship at Dior was secured through the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. Industry training, or internships, are built into every degree at ICMS to give students practical experience in the industry of their choice.

It also gives students the priceless opportunity to build a professional network and contacts before they graduate.


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