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Scholarship an “Achievement to be Proud of” – HostPlus Winner

Scholarship an “Achievement to be Proud of” – HostPlus Winner

May 9, 2019

A “nerve-wracking” application process paid off for ICMS first year student Hamish Thomas who recently won a HostPlus Sports Management Scholarship. Motivated not only by the financial support a scholarship such as this represents, Thomas also believed that by applying and going through the rigorous process of the ICMS Professional Scholarship program would pay off in terms of lessons learnt and confidence gained which will come in useful for future interview scenarios. He is looking forward to gaining experience and forging industry connections via his HostPlus Scholarship that will help him in his future career within the sports industry.

Hamish Thomas, Australia

Bachelor of Sports Management, 2019 (First year)

HostPlus Sports Management Scholarship

Q: What ICMS Scholarship have you been awarded?

Although I didn’t have confidence in being awarded a scholarship, I wanted to push myself to see whether it would be possible. While the financial benefit was obviously an advantage, my first objective was to see whether I could achieve my goal.

Q: How did you find the application process leading up to winning the scholarship?

The application process leading up to winning the scholarship was challenging. The initial application required an amount of research, particularly the report that required me to look into the future, applying the lessons learnt during my studies. After progressing through the first stage of the application, I then had to go through two panel interviews. These interviews were nerve-wracking but also extremely rewarding.

Q: How do you think being an ICMS Scholarship award winner will help you in your future career?

I believe that being an ICMS Scholarship award winner will help me in my future career in a number of ways. Firstly, I believe that through being awarded this scholarship, my future career wll benefit as I have an avenue to industry connections through HostPlus and their partners. Industry connections are crucial in the sports industry, and I believe this scholarship has helped me gain some connections already. Alongside this, being an ICMS Scholarship award winner has given me the confidence to put in an application. Through being awarded a scholarship, I have gained valuable interview experience. Interviews can be daunting, however, in the future I can draw from this experience for confidence in interview scenarios.

Q: What are some of your highlights from your time so far at ICMS?

Firstly, winning the HostPlus Sports Management Scholarship is definitely a highlight and an achievement that I am proud of. Alongside this, the social side of college, including O-Week, has definitely been a highlight. This has allowed me to meet some great people and beging friendships with people from different places and cultures that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to interact with. Another highlight from my time at ICMS is being selected as a Student Ambassador. I am excited by the opportunity to work together as a team and represent the college at Career Expos and Open Days.

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