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May 2023 Intake ICMS Scholarship Opportunities + new Wotif Scholarship for current students

May 2023 Intake ICMS Scholarship Opportunities + new Wotif Scholarship for current students

March 7, 2023

Closing dates are approaching for a wide range of ICMS Professional Scholarships available to current and new, domestic and international, postgraduate and undergraduate students, including a further opportunities for scholarships to International Sports College Australia (ISCA) and Aspire Institute diplomas.

A brand new scholarship from has been added to the ICMS Professional Scholarships program which gave out approximately $1.5million to over 120 successful applicants last year, in the form of tuition or accommodation waivers, in partnership with over 14 corporate partner sponsors.

The Wotif Scholarship – Current Student, valued at up to $20,000, is additional to the online travel site’s awarding of a similar scholarship recently, for new students studying an ICMS Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship), Bachelor of Business (Marketing), or Bachelor of Business (International Tourism).

Corporate partners often include internship or career connecting opportunities associated with the scholarship awarded, giving students networking opportunities for their future careers.

Student access and aspirations at the heart of ICMS Scholarships Program

“ICMS and its pathway institutions provide the platforms to give back and the best channel is in awarding scholarships – whether for effort, ability, or adversity and financial hardship,” Professional Scholarships Program Chair Ann Whitelock said.

“Our corporate partners provide huge value and unique opportunities to students to enhance their career opportunities.”*

The ICMS Scholarship Program is built on the following values: to reward excellence, recognise achievement, embrace diversity and assist disadvantaged and indigenous students to access higher education. Scholarship winners undergo a standardised methodology, with qualification of recipients including written submission, specific criteria adherence and in depth panel interviews.

“To partner with ICMS is a real privilege,” Wotif Managing Director Daniel Finch, pictured above, said in a speech at the March 2022 ICMS Professional Scholarship Ceremony.

“In our business, we believe that travel changes lives, technology changes lives and we wanted to have an impact where education would also change lives. What better organisation than ICMS to partner with: World class, exciting, just exceptional at every level.”

Scholarship winners share why students should apply

For Vietnamese ICMS Bachelor of Event Management student Thanh Truc Dao (Anna), the ICMS International Scholarship awarded in 2020 not only helped her financially, but has ignited her sense of self-confidence and inspired her to dream big.

“As a scholarship recipient, I can’t tell you enough how much (this opportunity) means to me. Not only has the ICMS Scholarship helped me cover part of my tuition, it also imparted me with the belief that I can do anything,” she said.

“Being granted this scholarship motivates me to take on more challenges, which includes applying to big name companies and, most importantly, starting my own business at the age of 19.”

Similarly, ICMS Bachelor of Business student Edward Hennessy, a regional student from Dubbo, NSW, said the ICMS Professional Scholarship he was awarded in 2021 allowed him to worry less about finances and more about his future career.

“By being awarded this scholarship, ICMS have eased my financial burden which has allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of my tertiary studies, which is learning. This scholarship was beneficial in helping me to relocate from Dubbo to Manly and live in this beautiful location in the castle,” he said.

“Living on campus has assisted me to meet, interact and form social connections with other ICMS students from a variety of locations. The scholarship is supporting me to achieve my goals and make my dreams of becoming successful true in the future.”

* List of ICMS Professional Scholarships available to May 2023 intake students.

For a full list of scholarships available throughout the year, click here.

* Current students, with closing dates for applications:

Wotif – Current Student – Friday 28 April 2023

Academic Excellence – Friday 28 April 2023

Courtney O’Connor Scholarship – Friday 28 April 2023

Postgraduate Innovation (Current Students) – Friday 28 April 2023

* New students, with closing dates for applications:

Aspiring Education Foundation Equity Scholarship – Undergraduate New Domestic Students– Friday 5 May 2023

Aspiring Education Foundation Equity Scholarship – Postgraduate New Domestic Students – Friday 5 May 2023

ICMS International – Friday 14 April 2023

Indigenous – Aspiring Education Foundation (AEF) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Scholarship – Friday 5 May 2023

Postgraduate Innovation (New Domestic Students) – Friday 28 April 2023

Postgraduate Innovation (New International Students) – Friday 14 April 2023


Click here for information on three International Sport College Australia (ISCA) Scholarships available:

ISCA – Friday 21 April 2023

ISCA Equity – Friday 21 April 2023

ISCA A&TSIP – Friday 21 April 2023

* Aspire Institute

Click here for information on three Aspire Institute Scholarships available:

Aspire Diploma Scholarship – Domestic Students – Friday 14 April 2023

Aspire Diploma Scholarship – International Students – Friday 14 April 2023

Academic Scholarship – Australian Foundation Program – International Students – Friday 14 April 2023


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