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Why I eagerly returned to ICMS for my Second Degree: Bachelor of Property

Why I eagerly returned to ICMS for my Second Degree: Bachelor of Property

March 3, 2022

Alexa Talbot has decided to come back to ICMS to complete her second degree, a Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation).

Obtaining a second degree through ICMS

After completing a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 2021 at International College of Management Sydney, Alexa will take advantage of an “incredible opportunity”, a pathway to complete her second degree by gaining block credits from her first bachelor degree for her core business subjects . This means Alexa only has to complete an additional 10 subjects to complete her second degree.

Having gained some work experience in the Property Marketing sector, Alexa decided she wanted to develop her knowledge and skills in the Property industry – and take her marketing role to the next level. “I came to this path because I have been working in the marketing team of a real estate agency”.

“I came back to ICMS as my first degree led me on a certain career path (Property Marketing). So when the opportunity arose for me to come back and do a second degree in a shorter period, with fewer subjects, I thought it would be very beneficial for the future.”

Second Degree and crediting prior learning

All ICMS bachelor’s degrees have common core business subjects and two subjects of Work Integrated Learning, so Alexa only needs to complete her 10 Property specialisation subjects to be awarded with a second degree. The core business subjects she has already completed count towards the new degree as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

All core business subjects are the same across all undergraduate degrees so these and the two WIL subjects were already completed in first degree!

Propelling your career trajectory with a second degree

How did it feel coming back to class again? “I love ICMS, I was happy to be back for a second go, it’s so good to back.”

When she began her first bachelor’s degree in 2019 Alexa and her classmates were lucky enough to have the ‘old-school’ experience – with O-Week parties, face to face classes and group work on campus. But then of course the pandemic struck and student life changed. Alexa completed most of her second- and third-year classes online, missing out on the interaction and extra-curricular fun that you wouldn’t traditionally experience at other higher education institutions. That was one of the reason’s she wanted to continue her undergraduate studies. “Being able to come back to face-to-face learning and just have that engagement with your lecturers again and your peers, that was a definite pull,” she said.

The ICMS second degree opportunity gives undergraduate students the option to complete an addition of only x 8 (eight) more subjects and gain a second bachelor’s degree!

“When the offer came up to do a second degree, I thought ‘I’m coming to do the property degree’. I can really embrace where I am currently and have so much additional industry knowledge. I will go down the property line now with the background in marketing,” said Alexa.

Why did Alexa choose a second degree?

But why not work for a few years and then do a Postgraduate Certificate or a Masters? “I’m still in the mindset of the previous degree. Because I only finished that in August last year, I still have the knowledge of the referencing and skills for assessments, I still have all of that fresh in my mind. So, I feel like it’s good to just do it back to back!”

“What students like Alexa are effectively doing is crafting an educational experience that is quite personal and quite specialized according to their goals. I really commend them for that. It’s amazing foresight to think about doing that and to put the effort into creating something that is quite unique, a degree that is unique. It’s two degrees with two different specialities, which will take them on a unique career path”, said Phil Watson, Vice President (Domestic and International Development).

“Alexa personifies the ICMS career-focused approach. Building her career for personal success in her professional life,” he said.

Follow Alexa’s career journey here.


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