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South African Masters Student in Australia Determined to Take Skills Back Home

South African Masters Student in Australia Determined to Take Skills Back Home

November 6, 2017

From a rural village in South Africa to the bright lights of Sydney, Masters of International Business student Thabo Masechego Mangena seized the opportunity to study at ICMS and is on his way to future success.

Mangena, a former Pumas Rugby player in South Africa who used to work at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, won an International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) scholarship to study towards a Masters of International Business, which should be completed in 2019. He plans to take his experience and education at ICMS back to South Africa to help his fellow countrymen, especially in the area of sport and development.

“I was born in Ga-matlala, a rural village in the province of Polokwane, South Africa. This is where I grew up as a young boy until my parents moved to Johannesburg, seeking a better education for my sister and I,” Mangena, who played rugby at club and Varsity level, said.

He completed his school education in the City of Gold, and earned a degree in Sport Management from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. He was working there as a lecturer and rugby coach when an ICMS advert on social media caught his eye, and he successfully applied for a scholarship.

“I have always dreamed of making it big across the world in terms of sport and education, and as I was seeking an international qualification and experience, I found ICMS which offered just that,” he said, adding that the industry experience that is guaranteed as part of all ICMS degrees and courses was a massive attraction.

ICMS is a magnet for international students, where cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated. This appealed to Mangena, who said he wanted to study abroad for the experience, but would then take what he learns at ICMS and apply it back home in South Africa.

“I wanted to push my boundaries and test my limits… I wanted to be in a diverse global environment away from my comfort zone. Upon seeing ICMS is an international college, I thought it was the best option for me to grow as a person,” he said.

“I will return to South Africa because I feel there is so much development that needs to happen in our country, especially in sport. With the education, experience and networks I’m hoping to experience here, I will take this back home and try implement change in how sport and business is administrated.”

And to prospective students thinking of studying at ICMS, Mangena was adamant that they should sign up to study at the New South Wales, Manly, campus.

“They should stop thinking and do it. Studying at ICMS is the greatest opportunity one could receive,” he said. “My experience has been absolutely amazing; I have been welcomed by everyone at the college.”

Mangena has only been at ICMS since July this year but has already immersed himself in the campus sports scene.

“I’m currently playing in and administrating a team in the ICMS futsal competition; I have started a Cardio with Thabo program that incorporates Tae Bo, Zumba and aerobic exercise; and I’m coordinating and participating in a running club for students, where I take fellow students on a morning run around Manly.”

Mangena’s energy and passion for life is stoked by the ICMS environment, and his experience here is encouraging him to think big concerning future plans.

“In 10 years’ time, I see myself being on the Board of the South African Sport Council, as well as being the managing director of my business that will develop young South Africans and Africans that come out of disadvantaged areas just like me. I want to give them opportunities in life that I know they wouldn’t have had by staying in the villages.”

To view Mangena’s ICMS Youtube video, click here:


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