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How to find Student Accommodation in Sydney

How to find Student Accommodation in Sydney

February 24, 2023

Finding student accommodation in the competitive Sydney rental market can be a daunting task for many students. The high demand for affordable accommodation in the city coupled with the limited supply of available options means that students often have to compete with other renters to secure a suitable place to live. 

New students in Sydney may find it challenging to secure accommodation due to the reference checks and rental histories that landlords require from potential tenants. This can be further complicated by language barriers and cultural differences. As a result, finding suitable student accommodation in Sydney can be a stressful and time-consuming process, which could impact a student’s overall well-being and academic performance.

How to find Student Accommodation in Sydney

Our advice to students new to Sydney would be to take advantage of the student accommodation offered by your institution. ICMS offers both on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. These ICMS accommodation options give students access to a range of convenient and fully-furnished accommodation options in one of Sydney’s most desirable neighbourhoods – Manly Beach!

Staying in ICMS student accommodation is the ‘soft landing’ that helps students to settle into life in Sydney Australia whilst giving them time to focus on their studies – and making connections who could turn out to be future flatmates. 

Whether you are looking to stay in Manly’s iconic ‘castle on the hill’ or prefer the independence of a self-catered off-campus residence, the ICMS accommodation team can guide you on your options.

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Study NSW Accommodation Advice for those seeking Student Accommodation in Sydney

Students looking for accommodation in Sydney should also consider Study NSW’s Top Five tips:

  1. Explore your options – homestay, student accommodation or private rental.
  2. Consider more affordable suburbs further from campus along public transit lines.
  3. Use a recognised online search platform to review available accommodation.
  4. Carefully read and sign your lease or housing contract.
  5. Know your rights. Australia has tenancy laws that ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.

Under 18’s may have specific considerations

Study Australia have also published tips for international students.

Visit the Accommodation and Types of Accommodation pages on the Study NSW website to learn more.

Source: Study NSW International Student News, 21 February 2023