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Ten Years of ICMS Support for Circus Quirkus, Manly Lions

Ten Years of ICMS Support for Circus Quirkus, Manly Lions

November 2, 2018

For a decade now, the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has enabled children in need of a fun day out to enjoy Circus Quirkus, which is also the main fundraiser of Manly Lions.

The sponsorship by ICMS and other sponsors of the tickets for children to attend the shows across Australia. In Manly, the show is hosted by Manly Lions to raise funds that are then distributed to benefit a variety of community projects, including the ongoing funding of the Lions NSW ACT Nurses Scholarship Foundation and Lions Diabetes Kids camp.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Circus Quirkus, and children from institutions such as Bear Cottage, Manly Hospital, Local School Special Education Units and Royal Far West Children’s Health attend thanks to sponsored tickets.

“The support of ICMS and other sponsors makes a difference to these institutions and others with their invaluable work they do in the community and ensures that the children sponsored are provided with a memorable day’s entertainment that would otherwise be unaffordable for them,” Manly Lions Project Coordinator Mike Dillon said.

In the past, funds raised have enabled Manly Lions to fund a number of pieces of specialised medical equipment focused in the field of paediatrics, which includes an Avalon FM30 Foetal Heartrate Monitor, a critical piece of equipment in evaluating maternal health, and ‘Panda Warmers’ which are used to obtain accurate diagnostics for newborn babies whilst protecting the babies in this process.

“Our support of the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation has seen a number of Hart Walkers provided for local children with Cerebral Palsy which are revolutionary pieces of equipment designed to assist the child to learn to walk independently,” Dillion said.

A major beneficiary this year is a new project undertaken by the Lions Clubs International Foundation, in conjunction with the Garvan Institute. This new partnership will combat children’s cancer by providing whole genome sequencing and analysis of tumour and normal tissue for 400 children with high-risk cancer in Australia. Whole genome sequencing examines the entire genome and its more than 20,000 genes.

“By studying an individual’s genome, it is possible to develop personalised treatment programs that integrate this information with other biological and clinical data. This project will provide hope to everyone involved in a child’s cancer journey,” Dillon said.

“We are delighted, and indeed privileged, to be a part of Manly Lions’ fundraising efforts, particularly since not only do these special children get to enjoy the Circus Quirkus, but also because funds raised from the show go to such worthy causes,” ICMS CEO and President Professor Dominic Szambowski said.

ICMS is located in Northern Beaches, NSW, Sydney, with its main campus situated in Manly itself.

“We would like to thank Manly Lions for all the good they are doing in the community of which we are proud to be a part.”

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