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The World is his Oyster

The World is his Oyster

November 4, 2016

Gunvar “Lenny” Wie has achieved his goal of working at The Norwegian Seafood Council, based in Tokyo, less than a year after graduation.

Gunvar Lenhard Wie has quite a few qualifications under his sleeve. He’s studied his Diploma of Hospitality, Bachelor business and Masters in Commerce, major Marketing and is currently the Director Japan and South-Korea at The Norwegian Seafood Council, based in Tokyo.

“I quite recently started my role at the Norwegian Seafood Council and I have been inspired for a job at the NSC since being a student at ICMS in 2001,” he says. “My previous role as Commercial Director for Fazer Food Services allowed me to use both my background and education, however my current role even combines this with international marketing and cultural experience.”

At the moment, his work involves conducting marketing, promotional activities, risk management and market analysis for Norwegian Seafood in Japan and Korea. “[I’m] working on behalf of the seafood industry, marketing and growing the value of Norwegian Seafood,” he explains.

Prior to ICMS, Gunvar was a professional chef, and I also worked at ICMS during my studies. “To be able to combine the educational and academic aspects with operational and ‘real-life’ experiences is something that has given me a solid platform for my career development and future learning,” he says.

“I have been able to combine my skills and education in my career path and I believe that the mix of theory and commercial activities we were challenged with at ICMS was beneficial in providing this platform.”

Gunvar says he strongly values the ICMS network, Alumni and personal relationships gained during his time at ICMS. “This has not only been beneficial for my career but also on a personal level since I meet my wife Margrete Lexow at ICMS, who is another successful ICMS Alumni with a solid career in project management,” he says.

“I would like to thank the former and current team and faculty at ICMS for the inspiration and motivation for learning and career development,” he concludes.


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