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Trip to Uluru – a Student Perspective

Trip to Uluru – a Student Perspective

March 13, 2017

My Outback Adventure

When I made the decision to study abroad in Australia, I knew I was making a life-changing decision. I chose ICMS because of their specified program study in Business Management and industry experience opportunities that they offer to students. So, when I was told that ICMS offered a Pre-orientation trip to Ayers Rock, this was another added adventure, and there was no doubt in my mind about going.

The trip to the outback was over a span of four days. ICMS had prepared an itinerary for over 40 students that was full of tours, excursions, and free time to explore and mingle. Starting the very first day, we were never bored. During the day, we did things like visiting the museum, go on guided hikes that included indescribable sunrise and sunset viewings, and heard amazing stories. Even during the free time, there were options such as Dot painting, or riding a camel in the desert.

Every night was filled with excitement as well. The first night we were taken on the “Field of Light” tour, after having our own “Aussie BBQ” that included trying many new foods. The following night we enjoyed a buffet at an amazing 5-star restaurant and enjoyed some live music at the end of the night. The last night was definitely the highlight of the trip, in which we attended the “Award Winning Sounds of Silence Dinner”. The whole experience, including the dinner under the stars was very magical, and truly a bonding night for our group.

Overall, Ayers Rock was the perfect opportunity to meet tons of other students from all over the world, doing exactly what I was doing. Over a few days, I made friends while experiencing many “firsts”. I shared a room with two girls from Germany, ate grilled kangaroo, crocodile, and emu with girls from Michigan, and rode a camel in the desert with someone I now consider one of my best friends.

Beyond social benefits, in the outback I was given a chance to appreciate the history and natives of this country before actually living here. I met and learned about the aboriginal people, called the Anangu, and many of the hardships that they went through. I toured, touched, and explored Uluru and her sister rock, Kata Tjuta, landforms that are sacred to the aboriginals.

I bonded over a breath-taking sunrise, saw land the distance of seven football fields light up to compliment the night sky, and watched the sunset while drinking champagne with over 40 new friends. I am from half way across the world, 16 hours ahead of everyone I know, experiencing in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I am a firm believer that we create our reality by what we give our attention to. Ever since Ayers Rock I have been focusing on having the time of my life with people I have never met before, doing things I have never done before.

Name: Cecily Kreager

Course: Bachelor of Business Management

Home School: Central Michigan University


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