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What does a Bachelor of Business get you?

What does a Bachelor of Business get you?

January 31, 2023

From corporate culture to closing deals, managing a company or starting your own, a Bachelor of Business gets you on the fast track to an exciting career with almost limitless possibilities.

In today’s business world, it is more important than ever to have a solid foundation in business principles and practices. A Bachelor of Business can open the door to many exciting career opportunities.

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or climb the corporate ladder, a Bachelor of Business can give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Message from a Leader in Business 

Here’s what ICMS Founder Darryl Courtney-O’Connor AM* has to say about what a Bachelor of Business can get you:

“To me, a Bachelor of Business is like Green Fees on a golf course; you have earned your right to play alongside all comers, including the pros, but how you go will depend on your swing and your attitude when the game doesn’t go your way.

From an academic point of view, the Bachelor of Business increases the likelihood of professional success in the workplace. It does not guarantee success, but the way an ICMS Bachelor of Business combines academic theory with coalface experience means that, in general, ICMS graduates progress faster than their colleagues.”

What is a Bachelor of Business degree?

A Bachelor of Business degree typically provides students with a broad understanding of business concepts and practices, including finance, marketing, management, and operations.

Graduates of a Bachelor of Business program may find employment in a variety of fields, including finance, marketing, management, and consulting.

Additionally, a Bachelor of Business degree can serve as a stepping stone to graduate-level business programs, such as an MBA.

A bachelor’s degree in business can lead to a career in many different industries

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business can open up all sorts of possibilities in the working world. The knowledge you acquire from the program prepares you for the real-world needs of various industries, from finance to marketing to entrepreneurship.

Having this type of educational background reveals your commitment and drive to employers, no matter what sector you choose to pursue. With a business degree, it is possible to venture into anything from fashion retailing to consulting, helping you stay current and employable in today’s dynamic economy.

You can use your degree to start your own business

Pursuing a degree offers a plethora of professional benefits, including the ability to start your own business. By taking on further education, you’ll not only increase your knowledge and skill set in a specific area, but also have the skills necessary to open and run your own business.

With the right combination of determination, research and hard work, that degree can be used to launch the beginning of an exciting new career.

You can work in management, marketing, or Human Resources

Working in management, marketing, or human resources can be incredibly rewarding. You have the chance to make meaningful contributions to businesses and organizations within these fields, making a positive impact on the world.

With all of these career paths, you are in charge of overall operations and development – from creating and presenting marketing strategies to managing personnel – thus, you get the opportunity to explore various areas of business from an administrative point-of-view.

On top of that, you also get to think critically and come up with innovative solutions while honing your communication skills. No matter which direction you choose to go in amongst the three specialties, there is an increasing amount of room for growth as advancements keep changing rapidly over time. It’s an exciting field with great benefits and opportunities.

You can find a job in almost any country with a business degree

With a business degree, the world practically turns into your oyster. As a business graduate, you can gain profitable employment in most countries around the globe. Business skills like understanding economic and banking principles, marketing, and operations management are sought-after everywhere and have successfully earned people international job offers from fields like finance and accounting to industrial businesses and marketing.

A business degree can help you advance in your current career

A business degree can be a great way to advance your career and open up opportunities for promotion or even a new job. With the knowledge gained in a business program, you will have an understanding of key management concepts and interpersonal dynamics, as well as problem-solving tools that can help you become successful in any business setting.

Having this technical expertise makes it easier to navigate any workplace challenge while also helping to give you the confidence to take on greater responsibilities outside of your comfort zone. Ultimately, a business degree is an invaluable asset that can help propel your career to the next level.

What an ICMS Bachelor of Business gets you

The ICMS Bachelor of Business is designed to position you for business success in any industry, with a focus on future-proofing you for adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

* Core Business subjects with electives to suit your interests

Bachelor of Business subjects focus on developing core business skills such as marketing; agile leadership, collaboration and managing people; strategic planning and innovative problem solving; and of course financial literacy. Our goal is to develop business leaders ready to take advantage of all that an international business career offers.

Business subjects are supplemented by elective subjects from a range of business areas. Your choices might include electives in marketing, international tourism, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, sports management and event management. You could also pick from specialist contemporary areas of business such as leadership, innovation or project management. This allows you to build a personalised educational experience that reflects your interest and ambitions.

* Real world experience before you graduate

At ICMS we believe that the best learning experience combines practical and ‘real world’ experience with a strong academic foundation. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects are built into your degree, meaning you graduate with more than a degree – you’ll graduate with real world experience – and will have gained invaluable industry connections.

* Business Career Options

At ICMS we train you to be a leader in business. When you graduate with an ICMS Bachelor of Business you will have transferable skills, industry experience, and in-depth knowledge of business management principles in practice. This will see you ready for a career that spans industries and continents.

You could be working as a:

Business Manager


Business Owner/Founder

Business Analyst

Management Consultant

Retail Buyer

Business Development Coordinator

Marketing Manager

Sales Representative


Office Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Operations Manager

Retail Account Manager

Warehouse Manager

To find out more about what the ICMS Bachelor of Business can get you, click here.

* Darryl Courtney-O’Connor AM is the Chairman of Touraust Corporation and founded Constellation Hotels (CH) in 1986 with just 12 country motels. In 1996, he established the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). 27 years since Touraust’s inception, the company had grown to employ more than 1,000 people with an annual turnover of more than $80 million.

In 2011, divesting CH and its 60 hotels across Australia and New Zealand, the focus turned wholly to education, on being the leading provider of professional services management in higher education; degrees specialising in tourism, hospitality, events, sports, property and retail management.

ICMS, an accredited and well-respected institute of higher education in Sydney, has won national and state export, tourism and education awards. More than 2,000 students are enrolled in the College’s programs at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The College has established international partnerships with leading education institutions, including the world renowned hotel management school, Cesar Ritz Colleges in Switzerland and Queenstown Resort College in New Zealand.

Darryl’s most recent academic qualifications include graduating from the specialised Owners and Presidents Executive Program at the Harvard School of Business. In 2013, Darryl was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his services within the tourism and hospitality sector, and to the development of industry education.