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Claudia Gross

Claudia Gross

Living in a castle overlooking the ocean with the city of Sydney on the horizon is all part of German ICMS postgraduate student Claudia Gross’ Australian dream.

Claudia is currently enrolled in an ICMS Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality) and will graduate in 2024. She is the recipient of an ICMS Innovation Scholarship, and also works in the ICMS Marketing department.

Australian dream come true

“I chose to study at ICMS because it has always been my dream to study in Australia,” Claudia said.

“When searching for a suitable institution for my academic goals, ICMS was one of the first institution to come up when looking for master degrees in Australia with the specialisation of tourism combined with an internship in Australia,” Claudia said.

Every ICMS postgraduate, and undergraduate, degree includes up to 600 hours on industry training or internship as part of the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program.

“The courses, industry training, student life and the sight of the beautiful castle on the hill convinced me to pursue my master degree here at ICMS. ICMS was just right for my goal of completing a master degree in management, specialising in Tourism and Hospitality, with guaranteed work experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Manly.”

Working while studying

Claudia hasn’t yet started her industry training, but is working while studying as she was employed by the ICMS Marketing Department soon after she arrived in Australia.

She was hired on the back of marketing experience she gained while working in Germany before she decided to pursue a postgraduate degree at ICMS, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, Australia.

“I have already worked in marketing in Germany, and I am grateful that I have the chance to work in the marketing department of ICMS to expand my knowledge and contribute to the institution,” Claudia said.

“I have also taken on various tasks and positions on campus to help international students especially to settle in and to strengthen the cohesion of the students on campus.”

These tasks include helping with various events or giving campus tours, a way for Claudia to connect with students like herself who have traded the familiarity of home for the excitement and learning experience of studying abroad.

“I know it can be hard for international students to take the plunge and move away from home, but I personally think it’s worth it, especially for personal development. It’s great to be able to show new international students what possibilities and opportunities ICMS has to offer and to see how they take these opportunities and grow.”

Castle Life

Claudia especially enjoys living on campus in Manly in the iconic ‘castle on the hill’, as ICMS’ Northern Beaches Campus is known.

The castle is a landmark in the area, a heritage treasure, and the set of Hollywood Blockbuster The Great Gatsby as well as other films.

With nine beaches within walking distance, including world famous Manly beach, students are spoiled for choice when it comes to surfing, snorkelling or just relaxing on the shore.

More than just the beautiful surroundings, for Claudia it is the friendly environment on campus that makes her student experience so special.

“It was crazy for me to actually live in a castle, but now that I’ve been doing it for almost half a year, I can say that it’s a great environment to live and study, and especially to meet people from different countries,” Claudia said.

“You are never alone on campus, which is great for people from abroad who come to Australia not knowing anyone. It’s a fantastic experience to live with many different people, from Australia and from around the world.”

Turning a passion for travel into a career

As an aspiring globetrotter, moving from Germany to Australia to study at ICMS is part of Claudia’s broader career ambitions.

“I have travelled a lot and I hope to combine that passion of mine in a career that involves working in different places, experiencing different cultures and meeting different people,” Claudia said.

“ICMS has laid a good foundation for me to build a career that combines marketing, management and tourism. I hope my ICMS Master degree, the work experience I am gaining in my current job at ICMS, as well as the WIL internship I will complete before I graduate, will help me find the career that is right for me where I can express my interests and creativity.

“I have never regretted my decision to study at ICMS.”

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