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Abbey Williams

Abbey Williams

I chose to study Event Management because….

I have a genuine passion for the entertainment industry. I’ve been involved in dancing, singing and acting since the age of three and studied Entertainment during my HSC years. Event management sounded like it would be the perfect course for me, allowing me to become a successful event manager within the entertainment industry.

What practical experience have you had so far?

In the first week of my ‘Event Production and Design’ subject, we were given the experience of pitching to the producer of the Sydney International Boat Show, Domenic Genua. In groups, we pitched our ideas for the fashion show entertainment at the event. Our pitch had to be tailored to the event’s target audience and be unique. After the pitch, Domenic gave us all constructive criticism and feedback. I found this experience to be extremely valuable to my studies and the insights gained will be an asset to my career.

What’s your favourite subject so far?

I enjoy the hands-on event subjects, in particular ‘Event Production and Design’ and ‘Event Operations and Logistics’. These subjects allow me to be creative, while the lecturers provide us with relevant experiences, assignments and tasks.

What’s the quality of teaching like at ICMS?

The teaching staff at ICMS really tailor their teaching style to the needs of each and every class. They are extremely approachable and have a genuine interest in students’ development – both as students and future industry leaders.

You were awarded the ICMS Professional Scholarship. Congratulations! What motivated you to apply?

I set goals and high expectations for myself and this was one of them. I also believed my academic results and passion for the events industry would appeal to a scholarship board. Another motivation was to get involved in the opportunities that arise from scholarships, such as student ambassador work. And since being awarded the scholarship, I have been involved in student ambassador work, in particular attending careers expos. This has helped me to get to know more students across all years and made me feel a part of college life. It has also given me the opportunity to talk to prospective students of ICMS and share my enthusiasm for my course and the college with them.

What do you love most about being at ICMS?

I love the small and welcoming community – it allows you to really get to know everyone, which is also really helpful for networking in the industry. I also love how the lecturers are working in the industry and are so experienced that they can really provide us with a valuable first hand education.

What advice would you give to someone considering study at ICMS?

Don’t be put off by the fact that ICMS is not  a university – it is a higher education institution which offers bachelors and masters degrees and this actually works in your favour. The small classes, the opportunities you’re provided with, and the emphasis on professionalism are all things you can’t get anywhere else!

What’s next after graduation?

I plan to travel and make global connections within the events industry – something I think industry training will give me the opportunity of doing.

About the ICMS Professional Scholarship

For details about the ICMS Professional Scholarship, including how to apply. Click here.


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