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Brent Lim

Brent Lim

Brent Lim, an ICMS student from Singapore was one of the Manly Council Foundation Scholarship recipients for 2015. Now studying the Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in Event Management, Brent was first attracted to a career in events after completing an internship at PICO arts in Singapore. Fast forward a few years later, and Brent is continuing to build his career in events. While studying at ICMS, Brent spotted the application form to apply for the Manly Council Foundation Scholarship on the ICMS website. “I realised I met all the requirements and decided to apply. I did not expect to get accepted but I felt this was something worth trying for,” he says.

Brent’s application was successful, and part of the scholarship included a paid internship working at Manly Council, which has an active calendar of events catering to tourists and residents. During his time at Manly Council, Brent worked on its big annual events, including the Manly Food and Wine Festival, which attracts up to 15,000 visitors. “I was involved in the operations aspects of the Food and Wine Festival that happened at the last weekend of May. It was an eye opener as I was able to experience and see the different aspects of a major event,” he explains.

“I was tasked with the logistics and operations side of the event and had to ensure it was well prepared before opening to the public. The best part was being involved in creating an experience for the people who attended the event,” he said.

Brent was also involved in planning and organising two events in August – Dogs Day Out and Vietnam Veteran’s events. “I was mainly tasked with liaising with suppliers, stallholders and the operational side to help successfully run the event.”

Brent says he gained so much from the experience. “Working in Manly Council has allowed me to be exposed to the different aspects of organising an event. It is exciting to be able to use the knowledge and skills that I have developed from ICMS in the real events world,” adds Brent.

“I hope to gain more exposure in the events industry and be able to secure a fulfilling job,” he concludes.

Manly Council Foundation Scholarship

Available to ICMS students enrolled in an Event Management degree, the Manly Council Foundation Scholarship is valued at up to $14,000 and includes a four subject fee waiver and $300 paid weekly to the recipient during the 14-week full-time internship at Manly Council.

The scholarship offers an exciting opportunity to gain invaluable experience working on key events such as the Manly Food and Wine Festival, Manly Jazz Festival, Australian Citizenship ceremonies and other major events. Recipients of this scholarship complete a 14-week full-time internship working as part of a dedicated events team, helping Manly Council meet its strategic business goals.


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