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Daisee Campisi

Daisee Campisi

Why did you chose to study Event Management?

I have always been interested and involved in Events so I wanted to further my knowledge and turn it into a career I know I will love.

What are you enjoying about your course?

I love my industry specific classes, they are so practical and involved. I learn so much from my teachers’ experience in the field. The teachers are always willing to help and are genuinely interested in my life and how I am going with my studies.

Why did you choose to study at ICMS?

Because it has a fantastic reputation and networks in the industry and I believe this will assist me in becoming employed in the best possible workplace. Also, because of ICMS’ size, the teachers know me and are always willing to help. You can’t forget the location too, ICMS is a castle right on the beach and gives me a balanced lifestyle between leisure and study

What advice would you give to someone considering study at ICMS?

Get involved, and don’t be shy. There are a million opportunities out there just waiting for you to take. ICMS has a welcoming and friendly feeling, you’ll feel comfortable to express yourself socially and academically

About the ICMS Professional Scholarship

For details about the ICMS Professional Scholarship, including how to apply click here.


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