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Felix Weigand

Felix Weigand

German business graduate Felix Weigand made connections and lifelong friends from all over the world during his time spent studying in Sydney, Australia.

Whilst completing his business degree in Germany, Felix realised that an international perspective – as well as expanded horizons – would enhance not only his future career prospects but also be a good adventure.

Felix decided to ‘top-up’ his qualifications to include an additional full Bachelor program, which he was able to do within three trimesters at International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). He chose the Sydney-based College because, “ICMS provides everything you need as a student. High class education, small classes, good weather and beaches.”

Felix enjoyed the balanced approach to academics at ICMS and found the academic work at ICMS to be a little different to his German university. He explains, “the focus at ICMS definitely lies on a combination of academic papers and exams, rather than just exams.”

He also made time to explore the natural beauty of Sydney as well as enjoy the social aspect of student life.

“The whole year was a highlight! Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the beach always in sight. I have met so many great people, many of which I am still in contact with four years later. “

Today Felix is based in Würzburg, back in Germany, after having also completed a Master program in European Business Studies.

With these qualifications, together with his work experience at Rolls Royce Power Systems in Singapore, Felix is now more than ready for the challenges of a role in the exciting world of international business.

“My internship was a perfect opportunity to apply my academic experiences and learn more about working in an international environment.”

With a strong interest in sales and marketing, Felix has his eye a role in  international business marketing.  “My goal for the future is to work in an international environment as a marketer.”

And of course, he will always have a soft spot in his heart for Sydney, “If I ever get the chance to work in Sydney I will probably do not have to think twice!”

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