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Hannah Rintoule

Hannah Rintoule

“My placement had a major impact on my role now. It taught me everything I know about social media and all the tricks to the trade!”

Hannah Rintoule an ICMS Alumna shares her ICMS experience and current role as a Social Media Executive at the widely recognised LADbible group. The company is a social media and entertainment provider who is ‘redefining news and entertainment for a social generation’. The company originally started in the UK, and now has a global presence with 1.6 billion audience engagements in just 2020 alone.

What was your experience like at ICMS?

When I first arrived at ICMS I started studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). In my last year I switched to a Bachelor of Business, this was perfect as I had done a lot of the marketing and new media electives already. I really enjoyed the freedom ICMS gave students. I was able to chat freely with my lecturers and tutors as well as meet other students from around the world. I really enjoyed the open debates in class’s about what we were studying.

What is your role at LADbible?

My role at LADbible is Social Media Executive. This role is on their content team and I help produce content and focus on community management as well as all things social media! I found my job at LADbible on LinkedIn. I applied and heard back the next day. I then had a few rounds of interviews and tasks before being offered my role.

What is it like working for LADbible?

LADbible Group is a social media and entertainment publisher. LADbible was founded in the UK and has only been in Australia for a few years now. Working at LADbible is a dream come true! There is a major focus on company culture, and it’s been a great opportunity working and learning from some of the most creative people in the business.

How did your ICMS placement help you in your current role and career progression?

My ICMS work placement was at Basic Bananas on the Northern Beaches. I was a Social Media intern for the company, and I worked one on one with their social media manager. My placement had a major impact on my role now. It taught me everything I know about social media and all the tricks to the trade! It was also a great opportunity to work in an office environment. My time at Basic Bananas allowed me to have all the knowledge I now need for LADbible.

Advice for current ICMS students

My biggest advice was to take a placement opportunity that you can learn from, not just the easiest option.

Connect with Hannah on LinkedIn here

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

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