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Oluwatodimu Saliu

Oluwatodimu Saliu

International ICMS Master of Management student Oluwatodimu Saliu will graduate this year with a degree of experience as an intern in a marketing team of Henkel Australia.

Based in the Sydney office of Henkel Australia and New Zealand, Oluwatodimu will take valuable experience and skills learned with her when she graduates this year. Henkel is a global company founded over 140 years ago and employing over 52,000 people worldwide.

“The inclusion of an internship program for every ICMS student was a key factor in my decision to study at ICMS. As an international student, I consider this a valuable opportunity to gain relevant experience related to my career journey,” Oluwatodimu, originally from Nigeria, said.

Henkel’s top brands include Cold Power, Schwarzkopf and Loctite, and the company has around 400 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

Oluwatodimu’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) industry training is as a marketing intern as part of the Marketing Team of the Henkel Beauty Care Professional business unit in the NSW office.

“Working within this industry gives me the opportunity to work with individuals who are innovative and passionate about delivering valuable experiences to customers,” Oluwatodimu said.

“It gives me the opportunity to be part of the creative process for products, services and experiences that deliver satisfaction.”

WIL the key to getting ahead

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is any arrangement where a student undertakes learning in a workplace outside of the institution as a part of their course of study.

At ICMS all degree students undertake professional workplace placements (which can also be known as internships, clinical placements, fieldwork, practicums) whether local, interstate or international.

Bachelor degrees and Master’s degrees at ICMS offer two trimesters of professional placement.

Professional placements are usually organised by the ICMS WIL team, in consultation with the student. The Professional Placement Consultants in the WIL team are committed to monitoring and supporting the wellbeing and safety of students who are engaged in WIL.

WIL experiences ensure that students have opportunities to further develop and demonstrate their learning – and build their professional networks.

Studying further to further her career

Like many postgraduate students, Oluwatodimu has undertaken her ICMS Master of Management having already gained experience working in the marketing industry since completing her undergraduate studies in 2012.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) offers a variety of postgraduate degrees and diplomas, as well as undergraduate courses, at its campuses in Northern Beaches, Sydney and in the city of Sydney.A postgraduate qualification adds on to knowledge already acquired, and propels a career forward.

Oluwatodimu looks forward to the next chapter in her career when she graduates.

“I see myself making valuable contributions within my industry over the next 10 years – contributions that will positively impact my clients and customers, my place of work, business, and younger professionals I would be mentoring,” she said.

An International Student’s Experience of ICMS

The ICMS community is a vibrant and diverse mix of domestic and international students who are all part of the same close community.

Oluwatodimu, an ICMS Postgraduate Innovation Scholarship winner, has enjoyed building her network with fellow students and lecturers.

“Meeting with students from different countries and building friendships and connections with other international and domestic students has been the key highlight for me,” Oluwatodimu said. Read more here about advice for international students, like Oluwatodimu, considering studying in Australia at ICMS.

ICMS lecturers leaders in their fields

The course provides the knowledge and skills for responsible leadership, ethical decision-making, and effective management of organisations.

The fact that ICMS lecturers are industry experts, with relevant experience in their fields, was noted by Oluwatodimu, who appreciated the shared insights.

“I have had good mentoring experiences with my lecturers here at ICMS,” she said.

“Having lecturers that are active within their chosen fields has been an added inspiration professionally.”

More about the ICMS Master of Management

The ICMS Master of Management is a postgraduate degree designed to sharpen your industry knowledge and prepare you for a leadership role. It is a modern business degree that will develop your strategic thinking and conceptual, analytic and practical skills.

The course aims to provide highly developed business knowledge and skills that are the basis of responsible leadership, ethical decision-making and the effective management of organisations operating in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors.

The Master of Management will not only prepare you for leadership; it will teach you how to work effectively, apply contemporary management practices and demonstrate key management skills and attributes.

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