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Pedro Sousa

Pedro Sousa

Read about Pedro’s journey below…..

Your Studies

Why did you choose to study at ICMS? What factors influenced your decision?

Industry Training at ICMS was one of the biggest reasons that I enrolled. I had a real opportunity to show what I can do in Australia. My wife had also finished a Diploma in Sports Management at ICMS and encouraged me to enrol.

Why did you choose to study your particular course?

I love business management especially retail marketing. I had already studied retail marketing in Brazil and worked in retail with my parents.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff at ICMS? How have they supported you during your studies to date?

The staff are great. I’ve had their total support during my studies especially with PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Support) where I get one-to-one interaction with faculty staff.

Have you undertaken practical experience during your degree?

I’m writing one right now due in week 11 about a floor plan design of a Barbie flagship store at George Street in Sydney!

What do you enjoy about your course?

I love the Business Communications side of the course; how to communicate in a professional manner in a business setting and about different cultures from other foreign students.

What are your plans for when you complete your degree?

I would like to explore different areas of business and become a customer service guru! I believe that in every company good managers are needed to produce positive results and make a difference. I’m really enjoying the education sector and this could be an area I could work in.

Industry Training

Where and when did you complete your industry training?

I completed my industry training at the Manly Students Services Centre in 2014.

What was your role?

I was a Manly Student Service Centre Coordinator.

What did you learn in your role?

I learned that, as an employee, you have to be organised, responsible, and punctual. I also learned about the importance of store design, visual merchandising and how to promote services and products. I gained better customer service skills.

How has the industry training experience helped your career?

It has put me many steps ahead of my competitors as I had the opportunity to learn about the business environment in Australia and how to have an efficient relationship with customers and management.

Getting To Icms

How do you get to ICMS for classes (car, bus, ferry) and how long does it take?

I take the bus which is 10 minutes to campus.


List any highlights for you during your time at ICMS

I’ve achieved at ICMS the essential knowledge that a manager has to have as well as how to present myself for the business world.

What do you love most about being at ICMS?

The friendly and like-minded people.

What do you love most about Manly?

The surf.

What advice would you give to someone considering study at ICMS?

At ICMS, you will learn the secrets to be successful in your career!


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