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Rajeshree Jadav

Rajeshree Jadav

In 2018 Rajeshree left a solid but unchallenging role in India to take on an ICMS Master of International Business in Sydney, NSW, Australia. She completed this postgraduate qualification in 2020 with 2 Post graduate innovation Scholarships. While studying, she sought meaningful work experience to add to her resumé, and found that the career culture differed greatly from India.

Through the ICMS internship, Rajeshree embraced the opportunity to receive cultural learning while getting practical training for her career.

“Back in India, I worked as a system analyst for an IT company. I worked with hundreds of other employees and I had the same job every day. There was nothing creative and I didn’t have the decision-making power in that role. After three years of working in that role I finally decided that I needed to step up, get a Master’s degree and level up in my career and get a job that lets me decide, gives me the power to make decisions in a company and create a difference,” Rajeshree said.

“When I moved here, I was studying, but I was also consistently looking for a job that would suit my career prospects. However, finding a job was not at all easy because the work culture here is very different compared to what it was in India. Back in India, it was very easy for me to find a job, but here in Sydney, I had to actually take efforts and develop extraordinary skills, develop the kind of communication they have here and get used to the cultural differences.”

Rajeshree reckons completing an Australian internship has definitely helped her in building her career. “My internship at Allripe really helped me to develop the professional level of competency that was needed to work here. At my first internship I was making a business plan for the company. The idea was out-of-the-box and it didn’t exist here. So I was helping them build this business plan that could help us partner with other companies. It was like a barter system where we give you services and then you give us something in return. And we benefit from the partnership.” Rajeshree said.

Her communication skills and confidence grew as the Australian internship progressed. She took more than one internship to get the exposer into different roles and responsibilities.

“Every business is different and we would have to discuss the requirements with company leaders; we would have presentations and meetings with companies to discuss our needs and their needs, develop more unusual ideas and we created a plan based on that. It was really out-of-the-box and something I had never done before (in my previous role in India). I had the power to make decisions, to conduct meetings, to meet different company leaders. That helped me then move onto a professional internship, which I did at Tirian innovative consultancy, because I had the confidence that I was now ready to take on bigger roles, think innovatively, and help a business that can then further grow with my help. At Tirian I worked as an Executive Assistant to the business owners and went out of my ways to learn and apply new skills and knowledge I had gained”

Rajeshree strongly advises students who travel to Australia for education purposes to look beyond the coursework and gain global experience. Rajeshree also engaged herself in campus activities such as starting cultural clubs on campus!

“When you come to Australia to study, of course your degree is important. But think beyond that, you also have to take initiative to learn skills that you would love to perform at your work. Think creatively, think about what the future business would need and learn those skills. I definitely suggest that while one finishes their study, they don’t just come out with a degree, but also with some experiences, some extra certifications, some extra knowledge, that would then help them to get the exact job they need.”

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