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Sowon Lee

Sowon Lee

Why did you choose to study at ICMS? What factors influenced your decision?

I was looking for a school known for events education, and ICMS came up as one of the top schools in Sydney. ICMS provides comprehensive education that’s giving me a strong academic grounding while providing me with a platform to gain up to 1,200 hours of relevant work experience. I was influenced by the idea of taking practical event subjects, soaking the international vibe on campus and the beautiful Manly lifestyle and surroundings.

Why did you choose to study your particular course?

I have always been drawn to the organisational process event organisers need to follow to make sure their event runs seamlessly. I wanted to gain the right skills and professionalism needed to work in events, and the ICMS events degree was the answer for me.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff at ICMS? How have they supported you during your studies to date?

The ICMS New York Study Tour for event students impressed me. I think it is such an amazing experience. ICMS lecturers are always thinking about what’s best for students and are always ready to provide valuable tips on industry training, volunteer opportunities and future careers.

Have you undertaken practical experience excluding industry training during your degree?

While I was taking an Event Practicum class, our team was promoting Musto (an outdoor sports and sailing clothes brand) during the Sydney International Boat Show 2015. This experience helped me link theoretical knowledge from ICMS to a real world event job.

What have been your favourite subjects?

My favourite subjects have been Exhibition Services and Conventions and Meetings. These are the subjects I’m interested in and passionate about. The exhibition venue inspection gave me an opportunity to see behind the scenes, which was quite fun.

What are your plans for when you complete your degree?

My immediate goals include receiving my Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) accreditation from the Convention Industry Council, which will further enhance my academic and practical knowledge. From here, my five-year plan includes gaining professional experience working for a large-scale conference venue or organisation.

Tell us about your industry training

I gained hands-on event experience working in the Meetings and Events Team at Merivale, which is known for hospitality and event functions, venues and services. I gained experience planning and executing a range of events, providing professional food and beverage service, professional presentation and communication skills and understanding how important great customer service is.

How has industry training experience helped your career?

Merivale has a dynamic and multi-cultural environment, which has helped me enhance my teamwork and communication skills. Most of all, I have learnt a lot about myself. I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, figure out the best way to get the job done and simply how to get along with people at work. This was all an important part of my professional career and personal development. Now I feel more confident about what I am learning and more resolute about my career path.

Have you used our academic support service while studying?

Yes, I have benefited from the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). Thanks to the APA Referencing Workshop, held by the ALC, I am now the master of referencing.

For new students, this service definitely helps a lot with academic writing and research.

Are you involved in any sporting or recreational activities at ICMS?

In my first term, I regularly went to yoga classes. Yoga is my secret to keeping my body healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually. While working through heaps of assignments, yoga became an essential treat for me to relax and detox.

What have been your biggest highlights from your time at ICMS so far?

So far, my biggest highlight would be receiving the TC College Grad Scholarship in September 2015.

What do you love most about being at ICMS?

International experiences. ICMS offers a multicultural environment, giving me the chance to learn about different cultures and establish networks from all over the world. Additionally, ICMS provides domestic and international students with overseas study opportunities, which can help students to expand skills and knowledge at an international level. But mainly, I love that I’m studying in Hogwarts like Harry-Potter surroundings.


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