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Steve Ogony

Steve Ogony

“Don’t think twice. ICMs has an incredible support system, incredible students and you get to establish incredible networks as well. Send an application as soon as you can. There are wonderful scholarships opportunities whether academic, domestic, international or sports, therefore apply and don’t forget to click send,” Ogony said.

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Master of International Business student Steve Ogony has secured a full-time role at Solution Underwriting before he graduated from his course in April 2022.

Ogony, a citizen of both Kenya and South Africa, attributes this swift landing in his future career to the renowned ICMS Industry Training Program, which guarantees practical experience for each student as part of their degrees or diplomas.

“I landed in the insurance industry in a full-time role as an Underwriting Assistant at Solution Underwriting, which is located in Wynyard. This is all thanks to the amazing ICMS industry training coordinators. This position has given me the opportunity to develop myself and expand my skills in the insurance industry which is very competitive,” Ogony said.

“The ICMS Industry Training Program will open doors for you and set you on your desired career path.”

Ogony envisions opening his own Insurance Underwriting Agency in the future, and explains his passion for the industry.

“Working in insurance is rewarding; insurance is literally the backbone of our economy. Without it everything would come to a standstill. Families couldn’t buy homes, people couldn’t afford to risk driving their vehicles on the road, and entrepreneurs/business owners would be at risk of losing everything they have worked hard to build. All this sounds dramatic, but it’s reality. Besides being vitally important to our local and global economy, insurance also helps provide hope in a time of tragedy,” he said.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is an award-winning higher education institution with campuses in Manly and Sydney’s business district. Ogony is one of many international students who attend ICMS, attracted by the opportunity to not only study in one of Australia’s most picturesque beach locations, but also by the smaller classrooms, industry expert lecturers, the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program and the ICMS Industry Training Program.

Flexibility and a student-centric approach is key to ICMS’ personal, mentoring approach to place students on the path to personal success in their professional lives.

Online study became an option during the Covid-19 pandemic, which Ogony embraced.

“I got the opportunity to make friends who came from different parts of the world. It was interesting working in zoom groups on class assignments during Covid, where we all had different ideas and ways of thinking. We were able to share our ideas and be innovative,” he said.

International borders have now opened and, having gained much from his ICMS experience, Ogony urged students to apply to study at ICMS.

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