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Thanh Truc Dao (Anna)

Thanh Truc Dao (Anna)

Thanh Truc Dao (Anna), an international student studying her Bachelor of Event Management at ICMS is a recipient of the ICMS International Student Scholarship. Anna beamed during her address at the ICMS Scholarship Ceremony.

“About a year ago, I was just a normal high school student in Vietnam looking for an opportunity to study abroad in Australia. Tonight, I’m standing here sharing that story to you all. Thank you, ICMS.  

As a scholarship recipient I can’t tell you enough how much this means to me. Growing within a family with four kids my family has done their best to support us but, of course, we do have some struggles.  

Receiving these scholarships not only helps me cover part of my tuition fee but also empowers me with the belief that I can do anything, and I appreciate what I do.  

Being granted this scholarship motivates me to take on more challenges, including applying to big name companies and starting my own business at the age of 19.  

ICMS offers late classes and you don’t have to go to classes every day. This is a great thing as I have more time to do work in the field, gain more experience and have more time to prepare for what I can do after graduation. 

ICMS also offers the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program which provides internship during my school time. This gives me a headstart in the industry and real experience as to what it could be like working in the Australian events industry. “

To watch Anna’s speech, click here.


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