Undergrad - New Australian & New Zealand students

ICMS Professional Scholarships Program

Under the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program, applicants will be considered for the ICMS Professional Scholarships, the ANZ Scholarship, HOSTPLUS Sports Management Scholarship and HOSTPLUS Hospitality Management Scholarship. ICMS will match the candidates to the most appropriate scholarship from their application form. Students are welcome to note or refer to a particular scholarship within their application if they wish.

Together with the Corporate Sponsored Scholarships, ICMS Professional Scholarships include:

- ICMS Business Management Scholarship
- ICMS Business Management (Accounting) Scholarship
- ICMS Business Management Scholarship (Fashion & Global Brand Management) Scholarship
- ICMS Event Management Scholarship
- ICMS Hospitality Management Scholarship
- ICMS International Tourism Scholarship
- ICMS Property Management Scholarship
- ICMS Sports Management Scholarship

Equity Scholarships

At ICMS we are committed to increasing access to higher education for students who are experiencing economic, social or geographical disadvantage. New domestic students can apply for ICMS Equity Scholarships though the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

When awarding these scholarships, the College gives preference to applicants that demonstrate they meet the low socio-economic (financial hardship) plus other educational disadvantages. For more information visit: http://www.uac.edu.au/equity/