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Sports Psychology Health and Wellbeing

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

The aim of the subject is to develop an understanding of the psychological foundations of sport and leisure examining concepts from sport psychology, health and well-being.

The Events Air cloud component provides a solid introduction to Events Air, a fully integrated event project software program. Tutorials involve simulated entries, based on the organisation of meetings, conferences and exhibitions, using Events Air Online. This subject will examine how these computer programmes can assist in tracking all the issues associated with event planning and implementation.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify and understand the psychological factors that influence participation and performance in sport and exercise activities and the psychological effects derived from them
  2. Identify and explain a range of psychological theories on a variety of topics and be able to apply them to real life settings
  3. Identify and explain concepts and theories from sport, exercise & health psychology and how they can be applied to improve performance and prevent potential negative outcomes
  4. Create and evaluate psychological profiles that have implications on both physical and mental wellbeing
  5. Analyse the links between sport psychology research and the wider sociological implications on health and wellbeing
  6. Drawing on learned knowledge from subject material and further reading, be able to assess causes, and formulate action plans, to problem solve minor psychological barriers to success in a sporting context

Student Assessment: