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Sustainable Tourism Development

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Subject Aim:

The tourism sector is regarded as an important contributor to sustainable development in many countries, specifically economic growth, social inclusion and environmental preservation. However, tourism also carries the potential to negatively impact the natural environment and the socio-cultural and economic milieu of any place. Accordingly, tourism managers need to possess advanced knowledge and skills to consider the diverse issues involved in the sustainable development and management of tourism. It is vital for managers to view sustainable tourism development with its intersecting economic, socio- cultural and environmental contexts from different perspectives, considering all stakeholders and the potential for both positive and negative outcomes.

The aim of this subject is to develop an advanced understanding of the philosophy, scope and principles of sustainable tourism development. It will provide insight into the socio- cultural, environmental and economic impacts of tourism at the individual, community and societal level. You will examine a series of strategies applied to the planning and management of tourism destinations and related operations. Further, you will examine important questions concerning previous, present and future tourism development, focussing on its strengths and weaknesses within a sustainability framework.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Apply an advanced knowledge of the theoretical and practical interrelated dimensions of sustainable tourism development.

b) Analyse the challenges of sustainability from the perspective of local, national and international stakeholders.

c) Critically evaluate the contemporary issues that affect the dynamic and long-term nature of sustainable tourism development.

d) Critically evaluate planning, development and management strategies, policies and practices in achieving sustainable tourism.

e) Synthesise and communicate complex sustainable tourism development issues.

Assessment Information:

Learning outcomes for this subject are assessed using a range of assessment tasks as described in the table below