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Dr Richard Carter

Dr Richard Carter

Lecturer of Hospitality Management and Strategic Management

Richard Carter is on the Academic Team at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). He is a senior lecturer in Hospitality Management and Strategic Management.

Richard Carter started his career in the hospitality industry and then completed his MBA and worked as a consultant. Transitioning to academia, he was a lecturer in hospitality management at UNSW before returning to industry for a number of years. After completing his PhD at Macquarie University, Richard has worked in leadership development roles, as a facilitator at the AIM Business School and launched a start-up Switch Education for Business. Subsequently, he has worked as a lecturer and facilitator at the AIM Business School as well as launching a start-up Switch Education for Business.


Richard Carter holds a PhD degree in Management  from Macquarie University.


Fellow, Chartered Management Institute, Associate Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology


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  • Badham, R., Carter, R., Matula, L., Parker, S., & Nesbitt, P. (2016). Beyond Hope and Fear: The Effects of Organizational Theatre on Empowerment and Control.  The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Vol. 52 (1), 124-151. DOI: 10.1177/0021886315573023, 1-28.