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Mode of Study

Mode of Study

Attending classes in person is important, not only for your learning experience, but also for our sense of community and your mental health. Please aim to attend as many classes as possible face to face. Where this is not possible you may be able to attend Blended-Synchronous (Hybrid) classes or study Online. 


The introduction of ‘Blended-Synchronous’ classes takes the ICMS learning experience to a new level of flexibility. Blended-Synchronous classes give online students the freedom to join a live class from anywhere in the world and feel like they are present in the class.

These modern and interactive classes go beyond a Zoom experience, with each class session and learning activity being offered in-person and online simultaneously, meaning you can decide how you want to participate. Skilled teachers facilitate activities that allow them to interact with students physically on campus and those studying overseas or remotely. Watch a video on Blended Classes.


  • Domestic (Australian and NewZealand) students may be able to take some courses fully online. Please check the Quick Facts related to your chosen course or email Admissions.
  • All students* will be able to access some classes online and will continue to receive support from their lecturers and the wider ICMS community, such as the Student Success Centre and Wellness and Support Services.  If studying online, please use your usual Moodle access to join your online classes.

*IMPORTANT: From 30 June 2023 all international students on a Student Visa must comply with ESOS National Code rules, therefore study only a third of their course online. International students on a student visa can only undertake 33% of their total enrolment load at ICMS as Online and must be enrolled in at least one (1) on-campus subject in each compulsory study period. Learn more

See below for Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I access online learning ?

Please follow these instructions below:

  1. Make sure you have ICMS email and Moodle access. Use this form if you cannot access these tools;
  2. In Moodle, make sure you have access to all subjects you are enrolled in this term, and familiarise yourself with the subject content;
  3. Review your access to internet connection and where possible, use a computer/device with microphone and camera;
  4. Required – Download the free zoom app from
  5. Optional – Create a free zoom account at You won’t require a free Zoom account to join classes however if you have your own free account you will be able to run group meetings online successfully. ou will be able to join classes without a personal account, but if you have your own free room, you will be able to run group meetings online successfully;
  6. You could also download the mobile zoom app through your app store, allowing you to attend class on your mobile if required

The ICMS Moodle Learning Management System is where you can access content for your subject including:

  • assessment instructions
  • weekly topic information
  • weekly powerpoint slides
  • zoom session recordings (through Echo360)
  • learning resources in various formats

Keeping in contact with your lecturer is very important when studying online, as you will be able to ask questions and receive answers throughout the week, and participate in group discussions through forums.

Another excellent way for you to receive support is through Studiosity, a free service that is open 24/7 and provides feedback on written drafts as well as an opportunity to connect online and ask questions with an academic in your discipline area. Links to this service are provided within the Moodle class space.

Attending online classes

Outlined below are some useful resources for you to review:


How to message lecturers and students on Moodle


Joining a zoom meeting

Testing computer or device audio

Meeting control


Student Services can be contacted using this form

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