How does it work?

We have an impressive network of industry partners. These leading companies provide invaluable industry insight and experience to help shape your qualifications and ensure they are in line with industry best practice. When you study with us you also learn directly from industry with on-site visits and guest lectures from the best in the business.

There are two stages in our industry training program:

Pre-Placement Program

During your first year of study you will undertake a Pre-Placement Program. You will prepare a resume, practise interview techniques and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to secure your placement. The Pre-Placement Program is delivered by our team of industry training consultants who provide coaching and guidance. This valuable experience will prepare you for your placement and equip you with skills for future employment.

Industry Training Placement

You will complete your industry placement with one of our industry partners. There are no college fees during your industry training period as you will be on placement with one of our prestigious ICMS industry partners. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have learnt at ICMS, gain valuable contacts in your chosen field of study as well as gain practical “real world” experience that enhances your career.