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Congratulations on your offer to enrol at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS).

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By Accepting this Offer (and subsequent Written Agreement) it is understood that you agree to the following:

· I accept the offer of enrolment as stated in my Letter of Offer by the International College of Management Sydney, Provider Code 01484M.

· I understand that the Commencement Date of my course is as stated in my Letter of Offer.

· I acknowledge that the Tuition Fees are as shown on the website.

· I acknowledge that the stated tuition fees are based on the fees at the time of application and that these fees are revised annually.

· I understand that the total requirements of this course are no more or less than that outlined in this offer. I do however acknowledge that course materials and subject requirements may vary.

· I agree that accepting this offer also means accepting any advanced standing that has been granted (if applicable) and detailed in the offer, unless I advise the institution that I do not wish to accept the advanced standing by emailing [email protected].

· I will attend Orientation Week (O-Week) to complete my admission and subject enrolment.

· I agree that any ICMS bursary offered, such the High Academic Place (HAP), will also be subject to it’s own Terms and Conditions.

. I understand and agree that upon accepting this Offer I will be sent an eCAF, or request direct payment, to cover my tuition fees and will be enrolled in classes accordingly by the Institution. I will be charged for these subjects if I do not withdraw from my enrolment as outlined in appropriate policies and procedures listed below.

· I have read and accepted the conditions outlined in the following documents;

1.     My Letter of Offer

2.     ICMS Policy Library

3.     Refund of Fees – Domestic Student

· As a student of the institution I am bound by the applicable standards of conduct, statutes, regulations, policies and procedures of the institution, including any variations to these that the institution makes from time to time.

· Should I have or acquire a disability that requires special study assistance; I understand I must advise the institution in a timely fashion.

· I understand that the institution documents campus life and events through film or photography for various uses including engagement, promotions and archiving. I accept and consent that my image may therefore be taken in such circumstances and used accordingly by the institution.