Impacts And Strategic Planning Of International Events (PG)

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Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject aims to provide you with the ability to analyse the economic, social, political, environmental and goodwill impacts of events with international outcomes. These include mega events, franchised events, touring events and local events attracting international attendance. The strategic planning processes used to create, develop, attract and assess these events is examined.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define and map the international events industry.
  2. Understand the use of strategic planning in developing international events.
  3. Apply economic, social and goodwill impact measurement.
  4. Apply simple cost benefit analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) to international events.
  5. Applying effective strategic planning to create an event and entertainment precinct for designated area of a city.

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 15 & 16. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Assessment One: Students will participate with their peers in a creation of a WIKI that showcases international events from around the world and the impacts and legacies the events have afforded on the community and citizens of the country in which they were held.

Assessment Two: Students will be required to select a city and strategically plan and develop an event for a designated precinct.

Students will need to determine:-

  • Stakeholders for the event
  • Category of the Event and likely audience
  • The funding model
  • Potential positive impacts
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment
  • Infrastructure Required
  • Legacies

Assessment Three Students will work in small groups and select one country and present an overview of the country’s strategic plan for developing events for its region/country. Students will need to examine:-

  • Strategic Plan
  • Country Branding as it relates to Events
  • Impacts and Legacies
  • Co-operative Marketing Plans
  • Key Competitors
  • Political Challenges