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Leading for Change

This subject is available as a postgraduate-level MBA subject offered by the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). Please click the button below to find a postgraduate course suitable for you.


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Credit Points:

4 credit points

Subject Rationale:

Change – personal and organisational – is one of the greatest challenges facing leaders in today’s business environment. The organisations we work in are rich and complex organisms in which many interactions, relationships and processes are played out daily. Effective leadership requires an unprecedented degree of agility and innovation.

In this subject a range of leadership theories and practices are covered with the aim for students to develop as individuals and as future leaders who can lead complex organisational change.

This subject focusses on Leading for Change to hone student’s strategic leadership skills and visionary abilities combined with a Futures-thinking approach. As part of this, culture as a core element of business leadership is discussed and practiced to affect organisational culture change using scenario maps and other tools. Students will be challenged with a critical understanding of the role that organisational culture plays to build sustainable organisations and the impact leaders have on organisational culture.

Students will work on their Leadership Reflection portfolio through which they reflect on their personal leadership competencies and develop a personal leadership development plan using the theories and practices explored in this subject.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Formulate a personal leadership plan based on a reflection of own values and behaviour and the interpretation of theoretical frameworks underpinning Leadership

b) Critically evaluate the effectiveness of contemporary business leaders in setting future focussed visions

c) Critically reflect upon the importance of culture on organisational performance and upon the relationship between culture and leadership

d) Evaluate and employ appropriate change management theories, analytical approaches and tools for organisational sustainability

e) Design appropriate, situation-specific change management strategies with recommendations for leading a strategic change within an organisation

Assessment Information:

Learning outcomes for this subject are assessed using a range of assessment tasks as described in the table below.