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Entrepreneurial Operations And Growth

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Subject Aim:

This subject is for the entrepreneur to be able to run the business they have started. Since stagnant businesses are mostly unfulfilling and no longer considered successful businesses, this subject will help the student-entrepreneur grow his/her business and be able to run the business to reach his/her long term goals. This will mostly focus on project management, inventory management and human resource management for an effectively led business.

In this subject, participants can learn about some of the issues and concerns that will be introduced as their businesses grow. The purpose of this subject is to show how entrepreneurs make their visions a reality by evaluating opportunities to expand. Expansion ideas to be discussed will include franchising, mass production and international expansion.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Evaluate challenges associated with expansion and growth.

b) Examine how entrepreneurs transition from a solopreneur into a large company.

c) Justify a set of company values that will result in a strong corporate culture.

d) Assess the health of the business through relevant performance and growth metrics.

Student Assessment: