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Sports, Events, Tourism

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Subject Aim:

Sport has become a major demand generator for many countries around the world and the growth and status of this phenomenon can be seen as this subject’s raison d’être. Tracing the evolution of sport from its amateur roots to the highly professionalised nature seen today, SPO304A recognises that for many nations, sport and tourism are significant economic sectors which play important roles in society.

This subject gives students an opportunity to examine these roles and formulate ideas on why local, national and global sporting events have become such significant drivers for tourism. As well as the economic, the political significance of hosting major sporting events – the positives and negatives – their attraction to hosts and attendees will be areas this subject will be seeking explanations on.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Analyse the relationship between sports, recreation and tourism
  • b) Critique issues and initiatives related to sports tourism in Australia and internationally
  • c) Evaluate how government agencies and private sector groups work together to foster the growth of sporting events and activities
  • d) Arrange the steps used to promote major sporting events
  • e) Create a successful proposal for hosting a major sporting event

Student Assessment: