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Sports Governance

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Subject Aim:

Poor governance is a serious issue which holds international sport back from fulfilling its full potential to benefit individuals and society by reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of resources available to sport.

Numerous instances of poor governance have been demonstrated in recent years in international and national sports organisations, ranging from management corruption such as bribery at one extreme, through to missed opportunities due to inefficient management at the other end of the scale.

While good governance does not guarantee success, its absence almost certainly guarantees failure. Central to SPO303A is this belief, and also an appreciation that good governance is an attribute of successful organisations with proven track records of sustaining and delivering high quality outcomes.

In this subject the focus is on understanding what constitutes poor and good governance practice, so as future sports administrators the student can adopt the latter whilst eliminating the former. This is done via an analysis of the nature of the contemporary sports industry and the acquisition of a working knowledge of governance structures, stakeholders and approaches.

Students will become conversant with current governance theories that apply to the sports sector so as to be equipped on completion of this course with the capacity to critically analyse the functions and outcomes of governance within a range of typical sports industry settings.

Key to success within the sports workplace, students will learn evaluation skills for governance approaches and outcomes through case studies and scenarios that are applicable to various sporting enterprises. Ultimately through taking SPO303A Governance, students will be able to assess and select appropriate strategies and guidelines to establish high‐performing leadership for best‐practice sport governance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Reflect upon the place and importance of governance to sports organisations
  • b) Compare different governance practices within sport
  • c) Critique the application of governance best practices to sports organisations
  • d) Predict which theories help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of governance within sports organisations
  • e) Recommend improvements to sports governance

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment