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Subject Aim:

It is generally considered true that globalisation increases economic growth and generates a wider range of products and services. Economies that are developing globally have more economic growth than established insular economies, demonstrating globalisation’s benefits for both developed and developing regions. Globalisation can help create capitalistic and democratic political systems. Foreign exchange allows more products and services to be available, while also potentially lowering costs.

An international project allows students to experience the impact of globalisation outside their own cultural background. It enables them to be immersed in a range of cultures in a short space of time. Business environments can be studied first hand in a very practical and realistic way. This exposure helps to break down barriers and misconceptions. It complements theoretical knowledge and strengthens cultural bonds, which in turn enhances business prospects. It allows for a more authentic international business management education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Assess business management principles in relation to a global business destination
  • b) Interpret the operations of international management organisations
  • c) Evaluate business management skills in relation to operating in an international business environment
  • d) Reflect on your experiences in the global marketplace

Student Assessment: