ICMS Professional Scholarships Program

Applications Now Open! Feb 2023

The ICMS Professional Scholarships Program offers a range of scholarships to new Australian and New Zealand students starting their undergraduate degree in February each year. These may be awarded not only to academic high achievers but also those students who have shown good citizenship, community contribution, resilience, and passion in one of the areas of study offered at ICMS.


Under the Professional Scholarships Program, ICMS will match the candidates to the most appropriate scholarship from their application form. Students are welcome to note or refer to a particular scholarship within their application if they wish.

Together with the Corporate Sponsored Scholarships, ICMS Professional Scholarships include:

Professional scholarships overview

ICMS Professional Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants each February. Recently the program has grown and over a dozen scholarships are likely to be awarded in the start of 2022. Some scholarships are endorsed by a corporate partner – which is of enormous value to a recipient’s future career. All scholarships cover tuition fees for study and/or accommodation. Tuition fees can be up to AU$50,000. Half scholarships, other partial scholarships and accommodation scholarships may also be awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Board’s selection. The value of all ICMS Professional Scholarships awarded will be advised to the scholarship winner at the time of being selected.

Corporate Partner Scholarships

The ICMS Scholarship Program is partnered with several highly esteemed organisations. They contribute to the development of recipients through financial support for tuition and developmental support through work experience. This is unique, it provides unequalled endorsement for the successful recipients placing them at a precipice for success. Finalists for the ICMS Professional Scholarships will have opportunities to progress to become finalists for one of these sought after corporate partner scholarships.

“This scholarship program is one of the most prestigious in Australia. With the highest level of integrity through application and selection processes, students who succeed in becoming scholarship recipients receive ceremonial recognition and honour board posterity. Our partners further enhance this prestige and honour, providing unique opportunities for successful applicants” Chair of Scholarships, Ann Whitelock.

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Undergrad – New Australian & New Zealand students

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