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Information for Careers Advisors and Schools

Two young women stand in front of ICMS's castle

Guiding your high school students to find their dream career?

ICMS follows a WeMentor philosophy, and we’re here to help you, empower your students through a nurturing approach.

Our specialised, School Engagement Manager Carmen Herin ([email protected]), along with the Domestic Development Coordinators as well as the Senior Student Ambassadors are here to assist you and your students with any enquiry you have.

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Meet the Team

  • Carmen Herin

    School Engagement Manager

  • Phil Watson

    Vice President (Domestic and International Development)

  • Jodie Randell

    Senior Manager (Domestic Development)

  • Liam Robson

    Domestic Development Coordinator (Tourism & Hospitality)

  • Kane McQuiggin​

    Domestic Development Coordinator (Sports Management)

  • Daria Olney​

    Senior Student Ambassador

Useful links

Click on the links below to access vital information for future students, tutorials on how to apply, opportunities available to future students and see the two campuses in a virtual tour.

Useful Resources for You & Your Year 12 Student

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Undergraduate Courses

Read students' stories on the Hall of Fame

The Ultimate Guide: Studying After School (Year 12 HSC)