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International Pilot Student Fees

ICMS is proud to be apart of the NSW International Student Pilot program. As part of our commitment and support to international students ICMS will help cover the costs of quarantine for incoming international students enrolled at ICMS.

  • The cost of quarantine is for 14 days. Cost of the quarantine include catering costs, security, NSW police and NSW Health, airport transfers, cleaning costs. The price for these services is $5791.20.
  • ICMS agrees to pay 50% of the total cost of quarantine which means students will be required to pay $2895.60 to cover the remaining quarantine costs
  • Indicative costs for flights will vary depending on departure destination. Average one way flights will be approximately $1500 to $5000 AUD per student. More information will be provided once the flight schedule is released.

Flight FAQs